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Announcing the Latest Version of DCW: Database Conversion Workbench 4.0.38

By Jordan Hodges posted Fri April 10, 2020 01:25 AM

Release notes for Database Conversion Workbench 4.0.38

April 10, 2020
What's new in this release?
Common Fixes : 
  • DCW MAC packages are now  upgraded with the latest eclipse and support Oracle JDK versions 8 to 13.
Oracle :
  • USABLE | UNUSABLE keywords are now commented out in ALTER INDEX statements.
  • Parsing error is now resolved for valid CREATE INDEX statement.
  • Accessible by clause in PL/SQL objects procedure, function, type, and packages are now flagged.
  • Create type statement with accessible by clause is now parsed in DCW.
  • Create type body is now flagged as not supported in Db2
  • Parsing error is now resolved for create role statements.
  • Fixed an issue in which consecutive valid statements were skipped when parsing error occurred in Create type statements.
  • Range-Partitioned Hash Cluster is now parsed in DCW.
  • Member functions in create type statement are now flagged as not supported.
  • Shared clause in Create Table statement is now parsed and commented out.
  • Member flags in Create operator statements are now flagged as not supported.
  • USABLE keyword in Create index statement is now parsed and commented out.
  • TABLESPACE names longer than 18 characters are now flagged.
  • EDITIONABLE/NONEDITIONABLE keywords are now parsed in Create Library statements.
  • DDL Extraction now works for large schema files.
  • DCW now creates load statements using 'db2load.sql'.
Important Note for MacOS Users : On MacOS, DCW currently has limitations on how it is invoked. Following instructions will help you to run DCW successfully on MacOS,
  1. Check if MacOS system has Oracle JDK installed.
        2.  Open a terminal window, navigate to the unzipped folder and launch DCW application by running ./dcw
        3.  If you receive system error about '"dcw" cannot be opened because…' then go to System Preferences, Security & Privacy all allow dcw to run as app. In the Terminal window again execute ./dcw to launch DCW application.
 Known Issue : 
  •  On MacOS, Top level menu options of DCW are disabled                
     Workaround : If top level menu options are disabled, shift focus on a different window and come back to DCW.
  • For the DCW application launch issue with macOS version 10.15 (Catalina), Please refer <DCW Install Dir>/Readme.txt file in the DCW Mac package.
  • On MacOS double click on dcw executable doesn't work. You can workaround it by running it from command line.
  • On MacOS download using Safari browser, other browsers have problems.
Best Practice:
  • For Windows DCW Full Client download, use Download Director instead of HTTP method