IBM Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS

Simplifying Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS administration

By Jonathan Sloan posted Tue July 14, 2020 11:59 AM


Anyone that administers software knows there are tricks to the trade. Some say that administrating software on IBM Z is an art. Remembering which screens are the correct screens, moving back and forth between them and doing so efficiently takes lots of experience, technical knowledge and sometimes a lot of patience.  A new utility recently developed by a Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS solutions advisor at Rocket Software has just made that a bit easier.

The Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS platform is administered through ISPF panels. As part of the process you access the SDSF system.  If you are familiar with IBM Z you might be aware of the System Display and Search Facility (SDSF). SDSF is a utility that allows you to monitor, control, and view the output of jobs.  You may not know you can interact with SDSF via Restructured Extended Executor or Rexx (as it is better known).

The new utility leverages Rexx to simplify managing the Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS server, allowing you to start and stop servers and look at the performance and logs of any of the underlying servers.  This new utility allows you to more simply access multiple servers, so you don’t have to page between multiple ISPF panels.

Here you can see all the Data Virtualization Manager for z/OS servers in this environment.

Administration Rexx Exec in Action

With the new utility you can more quickly manage multiple servers and ultimately, get back to what you may really want to be doing, deliver value. You can contact the support team for instructions on how to get access to and use this new utility.