Informix for the Future - 14.10 and Beyond

By Isaiah Brown posted Mon October 07, 2019 05:54 PM


In today’s world, companies need to be able to derive insights from their data no matter where it is – and that’s what Informix is all about. No matter the complication, Informix is built to be your partner on the journey towards maximizing your data. The Informix partnership between HCL and IBM is built to ensure Informix remains great at what it does best, while simultaneously pushing the product into the future and supporting it for the long term. Towards this commitment to development into the future, the first major release of Informix (14.10) was released in March this year – the first such release in five years. With this push into the future, some of the past must be let go, and accordingly, both 11.15 and 11.70 have already gone out of support.

The goal is to maximize this renewed attention to the product and to continue pushing it further. Though the product already has a strong base in retail, manufacturing, telecom, and IoT, the aim is to continually attract more customers from even more industries to utilize the power and potential of Informix. From a strategy perspective, this means a focus on a strong and detailed roadmap for future development based on customer input. This includes a stronger focus on the cloud, making it easier to manage Informix environments, graphing capabilities, and much more.

In 14.10 particularly, an emphasis has been put on the speed of the product. As no one uses a database in isolation of other products and systems, intense focus has been put into increasing the speed within solution stacks. Secondaries have been severely sped up to catch up with primaries, with secondaries displaying speed improvements of 500%. But the speed injection doesn’t end there:

  • Single system processing up 10%
  • Java UDR up 40%
  • JSON and REST APIs up 200%
  • JDBC driver up 60%
  • Login replay performance for RSS, SDS, and HDR secondary servers up 500%
As data protection continues to rise to the forefront of politics around the world, many countries today no longer want their data being moved out of their home countries, forcing some businesses to keep their data where it originates. As a sign of this progress and attention to the future, the next release of Informix is set to include the ability to scale to many nodes – so even when data must stay at its original source, users can run transactions across hundreds of thousands of nodes without data movement.

Further down the line, releases will include learning resources to make the product more user-friendly and updates more accessible. Additionally, means for user feedback will be built directly into the product to allow users to give recommendations based on how they use it. Machine learning capabilities will also be added to make the system easier to manage and quicker to meet business needs.




Tue October 08, 2019 01:32 PM

@Alexandre Marini thank you for the heads up! I have updated the blog accordingly.​

Tue October 08, 2019 08:17 AM

Hello! Nice article.
But please correct Informix mentioned versions, they are wrongly typed: 
"11.15 has already gone out of support and 11.17 ".

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