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The IBM Db2 Masterclass and Hackathon

By Isaiah Brown posted Fri October 04, 2019 11:03 AM

Part One: The Masterclass 

The Masterclass is a 12-video, 3-section, 1-hour micro-course featuring IBM Db2 solutions for applications utilizing machine learning, web applications and blockchain. In this video series, IBM instructor, Vin Agrawal, teaches students in focused video bites need-to-know information for on-boarding and context, then introduces some applied demos for further comprehension. It is entirely free and is meant to be done while simultaneously putting the courses to practice - coding through a lite account provided for free by IBM. The content is targeted at developers new to the community and is perfect for those familiar with Python and/or Node.js. Existing IDUG or Db2 users are always welcome to participate, as some of the techniques shared may be new to them as well, such as the blockchain course.

Part Two: The Hackathon

Students will be invited to an online "science fair" style hackathon competition happening October 11th-13th, where participants create use case projects (or migrate real-world use cases they are familiar with to Db2) and showcase them on a project page through the hackathon platform, open to members on October 6th. The prize pool total is $15,000, and the winners will be announced at the IDUG 2019 EMEA Conference in Rotterdam on October 22nd. Participants can publish projects alone, as teams, or with their startups.

IBM Db2 Masterclass Hackathon
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Fri October 04, 2019 01:55 PM

Thanks for the helpful description of this event Isiah.  Aylee Nielsen and Vin Agrawal talked about the Masterclass and Hack-a-Thon on The DataView Show Episode #1 during the first few minutes of the show.  Watch the REPLAY and learn more directly from the IBM organizers!​