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The Knowledge Center for Db2 now features version redirects

By CHRIS ALFONSO posted Thu October 01, 2020 11:16 AM


Version redirects have now been integrated into the Knowledge Center for Db2 to help users navigate to the version of Db2 they need.This new feature is a web browser cookie that appears when users visit any* page of the Db2 Knowledge Center, whether it’s from a saved bookmark or from a web search. This new feature will prompt users with a small window that will ask them which version of Db2 they would like to visit, whether that’s Db2 Version 9.7, Db2 Version 10.5 or Db2 Version 11.5. The answer provided will be saved for that browser session and will automatically redirect users to the selected Knowledge Center version of the documentation (assuming there is an equivalent version of the selected topic in the Knowledge Center version).Once the browser session is closed, the cookie is removed and users will be prompted again when they visit the Knowledge Center at a later time. Conveniently, if users would rather switch the redirects to another version of Db2 while still in the same browser session, users can scroll down to the bottom of any Db2 Knowledge Center topic and find the prompt to change the versions.This new feature now makes it easier for users to get to the version of the Db2 Knowledge Center that they need with little hassle.