Db2 for z/OS

WEBCAST: Learn how Progressive protects their Db2 for z/OS Data

By CALENE JANACEK posted Mon August 09, 2021 11:47 AM


DATE:  Tuesday, August 31, 2021

TIME:   11 AM ET

URL to REGISTER:  https://bit.ly/Db2_Aug31

Progressive Insurance is one of the largest worldwide insurance providers and have a very large Db2 environment to manage and protect. Progressive wanted to replace their home-grown recovery system with a more comprehensive and reliable strategy for recovering from any potential Db2 outages and data corruption situations. We will spend some time looking at their different use cases, including a critical recovery use case, mass recovery of their main production application data sharing group. They tested approximately eighty percent of their production data and successfully recovered all the tested data. You will be able to learn from their use cases and apply best practices in your environment.

Join Bob Vargo and Dustin Ratliff, as they share their Progressive story with their IBM technical specialist, Baha Majid and Bob Bersano, Rocket Software subject matter expert. They will engage in a discussion of Progressive’s challenges, results achieved, and how IBM and Rocket teamed up in those efforts.

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