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LIVE WEBCAST - Db2 Query Monitor : Tips, techniques and best practices for configuration and usage

By CALENE JANACEK posted Fri April 02, 2021 10:09 AM


Live Webcast on Db2 Query Monitor

When:   Tuesday, April 20th
Time:     11 AM - 12 PM ET
URL:       https://bit.ly/QM_Apr20

It is difficult to read a product manual and know how to convert that information and apply it directly to your particular application or environment. This webcast looks at some of Query Monitor  best practices, tips and techniques from product specialists who worked closely with customers to gather the most helpful information.  We will cover some of the most requested customer scenarios where a bit more knowledge and understanding about how Query Monitor (QM) for Db2 works can help you be more effective in your monitoring and application management.  We'll look a some of the best tips for configuration and include monitoring usage examples.  Not only you as a user will benefit, but your organization can as well.  The more effective your use of QM is, the more you can save system resources and reduce overall costs, improving application and Db2 performance.   Topics include:

  • How to modify the out-of-the box profile for your environment
  • How to set up proactive performance management processes
  • Learn how to identify, resolve and/or prevent performance from negatively affecting your application 

 You will leave this session equipped with more knowledge and confidence.