Db2 Tools for z/OS

The Modernization of Data Management

By CALENE JANACEK posted Tue September 15, 2020 11:34 AM


How effective is your mainframe data management today?  Do you have individual, separate products that require time and effort to learn and manage?

Ineffective day-to-day data management can impact cost, efficiency, productivity, and profitability.  

Imagine a modernized data management experience where knowing WHAT you want to do is more important than knowing HOW to do it? 

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Speaker, Tim Willging,  Db2 Tools Architect/Distinguished Engineer

Session Abstract:  If you’re a busy Db2 for z/OS IT professional, you know how important your role is to your organization.  Db2 for z/OS, it’s data and business applications are vital to your organization’s strategy, growth and success.  What if you could change the way you manage Db2?  This session looks at how effective your current mainframe data management is today.  Individual separate products require time and effort to learn.  We introduce a new way forward for both experienced and new Db2 professionals. 

Db2 DevOps Experience is the first IBM data management product taking advantage of new architecture. We’ll introduce this ground-breaking technology and demo new product features to give you an idea of what’s here today and a glimpse into the future.  This information will change the way you interact with Db2, data and your day-to-day data management.   Don’t miss this valuable session.