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By Ashley Bassman posted 26 days ago

It’s way too easy to drown in data. Yes, your business generates and collects valuable information that can give you an edge over the competition, but wading through the data deluge - making sense of it all - takes time and money and often comes with security risks and delays. Part of the problem is that your data might be spread across multiple repositories - and even duplicated - forcing you to normalize it all in a patchwork fashion. What’s needed is a straight-forward way of efficiently storing and operationalizing your data, a process that results in faster querying, elastic scaling, and real-time analytics that can inform decisions immediately

With the next generation of IBM Netezza Performance Server, this advanced data warehouse powers real-time analytics, price performance at scale, and insights accessible for everyone in a single platform. Available on-premises, hybrid, or as a fully-managed service in the cloud, Netezza Performance Server’s multiple deployment options are designed to support your business needs.

Watch the latest from Netezza Performance Server