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Global Elite Academy

Find out how to bring a customized “mini conference” of IBM Data & AI and Automation content right to your doorstep.

As a Global Elite member, one of the premier benefits offered to your company is IBM Global Elite Academy.

Academy events provide a fully-customize learning experience aligned with your company's business strategy and technology investments…brought right to your door.

We work with your team to create a 1 or 2-day agenda with multiple content tracks suited to your lines of business delivered by IBM and third party experts.

This is a powerful way to get a larger group within your company trained up on hot topics in Hybrid Cloud without the travel expense.


Hear what clients have said about their IBM Global Elite Academy events:

"Our event allowed us to have more of a voice and were pleased at how receptive and open the IBM folks were to our feedback. Kudos to all the IBM team we met who were all open, honest and willing to listen to our thoughts both good and bad. Event certainly made it feel like we had a voice and strong partnership with IBM that's headed in the right direction."
Wells Fargo

"It was a good moment to share and get some insights on the latest trends and innovations that will shape the IT tech industry in the next decades."

"A lively and interactive day!"

"Great insight into new developments within the industry and within IBM - great speakers to meet and talk with."

"It was interactive and provided us with ways to think critically about our customers and the areas that cause problems."
Bell Canada

"The event gave a good mixture of information and demos while allowing ample time to ask questions and really discusss details around the IBM products. I would strongly recommend as it is a great learning opportunity."

"Great networking opportunity both within our company and with IBM where I got to interact with both technical and business experts."
Northern Trust

"Lots of forward thinking conversation here as well as insight into industry trends. I have a much better sense of product roadmaps and where IBM is taking their offerings in the future. A very valuable day!"

"The content was easy to understand, relevant to today's market. Well organized with interesting topics and knowledgeable speakers."
Bank of Montreal

"Insightful, informative and comprehensive. The presentations were all really detailed and had very relevant information about the topics I wanted to learn about. Nice mix of educational information and demonstrations / use-cases. This event is a must do!"
American Express