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Global Elite VIP Program @ THINK- A special invite-only opportunities for YOU

By Susan Winkler posted Fri May 01, 2020 12:07 PM

Global Elite VIP Program was designed to provide you with an opportunity to meet with your peers and top thought-leaders, please join us for the following:
  • Virtual design thinking workshop – An interactive workshop with IBM Data & AI experts who will share Use Cases of how industry clients are seeing success with AI. Brainstorm with a digital whiteboard, live polling, a live chat, and Q&A. 
  • Ask Me Anything at Think 2020 - May 5 and May 6 Help us amplify Think 2020 by sharing your ideas and ask our experts about topics like, Cloud, Edge Computing, Kubernetes, Modernizing VMware applications, Intelligent Automation and more! Register today
  • Cloud and Data Platform Virtual Happy Hour at 5pm ET on May 6 Join us for a fun recap of our top 10 takeaways of the day, featuring an ‘Ask me Anything’ for you to network with IBM execs and peer companies. Register here:
The agenda for the happy hour will be as follows:
  • A brief 10-15 min presentation to debrief the 'Top 10 takeways of Think' focused on Cloud Data Platform announcements
  • A 15 min facilitated panel discussion with Cloud and Data and AI experts from implementation, dev and Offering Management
  • An opportunity for clients to ask questions LIVE on WebEx via an 'Ask me Anything' segment
IBM Leaders Joining:
Toby Cappello, VP, Expert Labs and Learning, Data and AI
Madhu Kochar, VP, OM, Data and AI
Dakshi Agrawal, Chief Architect for AI
Alyse Daghelian, Global VP, Cloud Expert Labs

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