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IBM Global Elite Inspired Speaker Series: Here's your Fall Line-up

By FRASER ANDERSON posted Wed October 28, 2020 03:07 PM


 Global Elite 2021 Strategy Preview: Accelerate innovation and operational excellence with AI-powered Automation

Duration: 1 hour, 30 minutes

Available on demand

Today, a digital-first strategy is not enough to unlock innovation, drive performance and optimize operational efficiency, a new approach is needed; an AI-powered automation approach. In fact, 73% of organizations expect revenue growth from implementing AI-infused automation. 

At this exclusive thought provoking event, you will hear about

  • The power of Automation and AI working together to change business
  • An analyst's perspective on automation and how top enterprises are best applying automation to their businesses
  • An engaging panel discussion with your peer on how they are embracing automation and their vision for AI-powered automation
  • BONUS session: Ask Me Anything with Mike Gilfix and other thought leaders

Title: Partner Perspective: Digital Transformation, Culture, and Diversity & Inclusion in Business

Duration: 1 hour

Available On Demand

2020 will forever be remembered to be the year of the ‘New Norm’ in business and organizational change. Digital transformation became an essential in business, and new ways of working impacted organizational culture and people dynamics. This ‘Inspired By’ Global Elite session offers insights from IBM business partners on how to navigate in this new world.

Featuring guests from IBM partners, including:

  •     Deloitte Digital – connects creativity with technology for business.
  •     Ironside – business management consultancy helping clients make better business decisions.
  •     Perficient, Inc. – a leading digital consulting firm serving enterprise customers.
  •     QueBIT – helping good companies become great., through our analytics solutions and service offerings.

 Please join us for this insightful session hosted by Tom Ruiz, IBM Global Elite Partner Experience Manager.

Title: Data and Privacy: A risky venture or roadmap to success?

Duration: 45 minutes

Available On Demand

Finding ways to leverage data to drive growth is a business imperative across all industries. A new challenge conflicting with this objective is the emergence of global privacy regulations. While privacy is often seen as a trade-off between the value of data and the need to protect customers, there is an opportunity to use it to gain a competitive advantage. More and more, consumers are selecting companies that respect their privacy and take proactive steps to build trust with their customers.

Privacy-enhancing technologies (PETs) have emerged as powerful tools to help companies protect the personal data that they hold relating to their customers. However, not all PETs are created equal, and how they are configured can dramatically affect their impact on privacy and analytical utility. Without the ability to objectively quantify the levels of privacy risk within their data, a company can be exposing itself to regulatory sanctions and reputational damage that is very difficult to re-instate.

In this webinar, we will discuss how to develop a privacy-enhanced data strategy that navigates the rapidly evolving privacy regulation landscape and drives business growth.