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The IBM Global Elite EMEA Forum : Thank you!

By FRASER ANDERSON posted Thu September 17, 2020 11:03 AM


Thank you for attending our Global Elite EMEA Forum, an exclusive virtual event designed for our valued EMEA clients! And a special thank you to our two client presenters - Kristen Bennie, Head of OpenExperience, NatWest Group and Richard Black, Chief Data Officer, Danske Bank - and to Kevin Burnley, Direct Technical Sales, from IBM Partner Mastech InfoTrellis for his informative discussion on transformation.

We hope you found value from the perspectives offered by IBM and Industry EMEA Leaders. If you’re interested in continuing the conversation please email the IBM Global Elite team ( to set up a 1-on-1 meeting with any of our speakers: Andrew Brown, Daniel de la Fuente, Melita Mauer, Mostafa Zafer, Seth Dobrin, Ritika Gunnar and Ralph Demuth.

The IBM Global Elite team is ready when you want to continue the conversation. We can connect you with our experts to help you learn more or dive a little deeper.  We can also schedule a complimentary technical assessment with SMEs skilled on your needs. For a list of IBM Global Elite offerings, please click here.

If you missed any of the speakers or you would like to revisit the presentations (agenda available here), recordings are available:

Thanks again for attending.

The IBM Global Elite team is ready to assist you with your Cloud and AI initiatives!