Testing Operational Resilience - Whitepaper

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Testing Operational Resilience - Whitepaper 

Wed September 06, 2023 11:43 AM

For financial institutions (FIs), policymakers, and supervisors, operational resilience - a topic both critical and complex - is high on everyone’s agenda. IBM Cloud has leveraged the collective intelligence of IBM FS Cloud Council members to shed light on the problem space and mutualize best practices for the shared benefit of the community and wider industry.

This whitepaper includes:

  • An overview of global regulatory trends
  • A methodology to approach operational resilience testing
  • Top tips for success
  • Sample test scenarios generously contributed by Council members.



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Mon November 13, 2023 11:26 AM

Anne - 

this is really good -  it was great to see the comment on leveraging ‘economies of share’ and mutualized learning  because we definitely need it across the FIs industry.  We need to drive the work the Council is doing for an AI governance framework, integrate it to security oversight and data governance and data management plans (said some of this in this article) https://cdotimes.com/2023/10/31/navigating-the-ai-labyrinth-fitting-ai-to-purpose-for-financial-institutions/

but the scariest part is really what your white paper highlights of commonalities and divergences because we have already started seeing in the just the past two weeks alone the fragmentation starting with standardizations and frameworks for AI and that might not only cause regulatory arbitrage but also massive divergence in governance for the longer term