(Replay) Mitigating 3rd and 4th Party Risk-A Discussion with BNP Paribas and Yields.io

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(Replay) Mitigating 3rd and 4th Party Risk-A Discussion with BNP Paribas and Yields.io 

Tue November 21, 2023 07:33 PM

Traditional best practices for risk will not suffice in a digital, ecosystem-based world. 

Financial institutions increasingly rely on the availability of third-party technology providers to support business-critical operations. They are shifting from on-premises to hybrid cloud consumption of workloads and services. As a result, aggregation of operational risks now expands well beyond internal monitoring and risk management capacities.* 

Watch the replay of this webinar featuring experts from  BNP Paribas, Yields.io, and IBM discussing one of the hottest topics in financial services cloud: Mitigating 3rd and 4th Party Risk.

Key points discussed include: 

  • Which challenges financial institutions encounter as they onboard 3rd/4th party solutions
  • How independent software vendors (ISVs) proactively address challenges of onboarding clients
  • How financial institutions ensure 3rd/4th party risk is consistently being inspected
  • How ISVs strengthen their risk management in a dynamic regulation landscape
  • What builds a financial institutions’ confidence in 3rd/4th party solutions and providers
  • How IBM Financial Services-validated ISVs add value for financial institutions.

Who should watch? 

Any financial services CISO, CRO, security, risk, cloud architect, or technology professional.  

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About the presenters:
Jos Gheerardyn, CEO and Co-founder, Yields.io

Gilles Ghattas, CISO Cloud/RSSI Cloud, BNP Paribas

Laurent Piau, Head of Digital Solutions Policy & Platforming, BNP Paribas

Sandy Carroll, Director, IBM Cloud Ecosystem Product Management