(Replay) Cloud Risk Metrics Benchmarking-IBM/MIT Project Webinar

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(Replay) Cloud Risk Metrics Benchmarking-IBM/MIT Project Webinar 

Tue November 21, 2023 07:02 PM


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How do financial institutions know how they’re performing on cybersecurity compared to other in the financial services industry?

How can financial institutions easily access an easily understood model of defining and measuring cloud cyberisk?

In this webinar replay from January 18, 2023 , you will learn about a unique joint research project between IBM and MIT to build a statistical set of comprehensive set of cybersecurity industry benchmarks. The research will build upon the original set of metrics identified by IBM’s Cloud Metrics Model White Paper 2021.

Additionally, you will hear how your financial institution could have the opportunity to participate in the pilot data collection portion of the project and receive a Cybersecurity Risk Quantification benchmark report.

Who should watch this replay?

Any financial services security, risk, or technology professional who is looking for better ways to measure and report cloud cyber risk in their organization.

To watch the replay, visit: Cloud Risk Metrics Benchmarking - IBM/MIT Project

About the speakers

Dave Kliemann profile picture

Dave Kliemann

Dave is the Risk and Controls Leader for the IBM Cloud for Financial Services and is responsible for providing support helping clients take a risk-centric approach to their digital transformation. He helps clients & internal IBM partners to understand key cloud related security issues, regulatory requirements, and risks.

Taylor Reynolds profile picture

Taylor Reynolds

Taylor is the technology policy director of MIT's Internet Policy Research Initiative. In this role, he leads the development of this interdisciplinary field of research to help policymakers address cybersecurity and Internet public policy challenges. He is responsible for building the community of researchers and students from departments and research labs across MIT, executing the strategic plan, and overseeing the day-to-day operations of the Initiative.