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IBM Fintech InnovationX: Igniting Fintech Conversations - One Roundtable at a Time

  • 1.  IBM Fintech InnovationX: Igniting Fintech Conversations - One Roundtable at a Time

    Posted Tue February 27, 2024 04:43 AM
    Edited by Melissa Sassi Tue February 27, 2024 04:53 AM

    IBM Fintech InnovationX

    IBM Fintech InnovationX centers around evolving and adopting a new model of enabling startups and scaleups to grow. We aim to spark a movement, one that takes founders to the next level where real conversations with actual customers and real-time challenges are front and center.  
    Meet IBM Fintech InnovationX, hosted by IBM Cloud, Machinelab Ventures with its flagship Fintech Fast Pass program powered by IBM, and TechPassport. The series combines access, human-centered design, innovation, and enablement. 

    Machinelab Ventures specializes in bringing ecosystem players together. We follow a human-centered design methodology. Our mission is to kickstart and accelerate innovation and partnering in non-sales-oriented settings. 

    "Nothing beats the value of real interactions, preferably in-person. Engaging in a dialogue is the foundation upon which genuine and lasting partnerships are built. When I heard about this opportunity, I knew right away this was for us. I encourage all founders to take notice, as this is what's truly needed to help companies like ours grow"

    Ramona Ortega, WealthBuild – CEO & Founder
    Scaleup recruitment is underway, but spaces are limited. The application is simple and should take no more than five to ten minutes of your time. Apply to Fintech Fast Pass today.
    "Connecting fintechs with financial institutions helps foster a collaborative environment that accelerates innovation and market entry-an ecosystem where everyone benefits. Our team at TechPassport is pleased to be part of connecting industry players, not only through IBM Fintech InnovationX, but also via our TechPassport platform." 
    - Layla White, CEO & Founder, TechPassport

    The Genesis of IBM Fintech InnovationX

    Millions of companies across the globe vie for attention from prospective clients, and many fail to break through. It's exponentially harder for unrecognized brands or industry disruptors.
    With IBM's history, financial services experience, and stance on data privacy and security, IBM Cloud for Financial Services is an ideal choice. Our curated and choreographed series. Our first roundtable lands in the coming weeks, so there's still time to join us. 

     Roundtable #1 Theme: Data & AI 

    Let's jump right into our first roundtable and its theme. Our Data & AI conversation during the first roundtable will include common use cases of AI within banks and include discussions around real engagements. For example, one bank will meet with five companies. Each will have a pre-read to save time in the live session, resulting in a more impactful and interactive dialogue. Banks will be asked to bring a core project team to meet with a carefully curated shortlist of companies. Due to common industry challenges, each bank conversation will be held separately from other banks and under NDA. Don't worry, we'll share approved snippets later.
    • While this is not an exhaustive list, below is a sample of AI use cases in banks we'll discuss:
    • Customer Service Support
    • Fraud Detection
    • Personalized Banking
    • Backoffice Automation
    • Investment Portfolio Performance Optimization
    • More!

      Roundtable #2 Theme: Data Security & Compliance

      Due to the heavy regulations in the sector, data security and compliance are always at the forefront of conversations. 
      We look forward to sharing soundbites from our first IBM Fintech InnovationX roundtable and preparing for our second. Expect to learn from key insights and sparklers from our series.
      "Why watch from afar? Why not join us in our journey of redefining how ventures are built and scaled globally, and how banks and other companies can engage with founder communities across the globe."
      Dr. Melissa Sassi - Venture Partner, Machinelab Ventures

      IBM Fintech InnovationX Founding Team

      Meet our founding partners!

      • Machinelab Ventures helps startups, scaleups, and corporations unlock growth and innovation through ecosystem partnerships, innovation scouting, industry roundtables, thought leadership, and venture building. 
      • IBM Cloud for Financial Services helps reduce risk throughout the supply chain by addressing resiliency, performance, security and regulatory compliance requirements for financial institutions. It helps them reduce the complexity of managing ISV and SaaS workloads and is the foundation upon which fintechs can confidently build and scale.
      • IBM Financial Services Cloud Council brings together a robust community of more than 160 CIOs, CTOs, CISOs, and Risk and Compliance officers from leading financial institutions who are working together to help reduce risk for the industry. 
      • TechPassport is a SaaS marketplace for data-driven scouting that fosters industry collaboration by joining emerging vendor partners and enterprises, creating an ecosystem of trust with its enterprise-ready questions co-designed by sixteen financial institutions. 
      Our collaboration combines our respective superpowers, leading to a new way of thinking about startup and scaleup enablement. We aim for b
      As banks, financial services, and all industries look for innovation, the startup and scaleup ecosystem serve as sparklers. They are accelerants to innovation. Another such spark these days is AI and the role it will play in rewriting everything we know about the industry. 
      "We believe models that center on collaboration are the future of banking - it takes all of us to come together to drive true innovation. As financial services organizations look to transform on their hybrid, multi-cloud journeys, IBM Cloud - along with solutions including watsonx and IBM Cloud Pak for Data - provides the technical tooling and industry expertise that can help companies design solutions for fraud detection, personalized banking, and more." 
      - Prakash Pattni, Managing Director, IBM Cloud for Financial Services
      Do any of these resonate with you? If so, join us! 
      • Are you a bank innovation leader looking to solve problems, but don't have the time to sift through 25,000 companies and conduct a six month-review?
      • Are you a scaleup CEO interested in acquiring new customers?
      • Are you a data & AI CTO, and are you looking for a place to build and train your AI models?
      • Are you active in the startup or fintech ecosystem and looking for deal flow?
      How can YOU take part? If you're interested in replicating this program with your organization? Use the Contact Us form and we'll be in touch!
      "If you're a bank, ecosystem player, or scaleup, please reach out. We have a tremendous opportunity to be the change we wish to see that change. 
      See you there!
      - Dr. Melissa Sassi - Venture Partner, Machinelab Ventures
      See you at the next roundtable!

      Melissa Sassi
      Venture Partner
      Machinelab Ventures
      Grapevine TX