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IDC Whitepaper: Banks Must Expand Grid Capacity Fast and Seamlessly or Suffer Consequences

By Thomas Grundtvig posted Tue February 06, 2024 04:52 PM


Financial institutions are confronted with many factors that influence their ability to operate successfully and profitably, including heightened capital adequacy regulations, escalating geopolitical tensions, global economic fluctuations, mounting interest rates, surging inflation, increasing cost of
operations, fewer revenue avenues, sustainability issues, and stringent reporting requirements.

Because of these disruptive factors, banks have an increasingly urgent need for high-volume, real-time data processing based on a variety of grid workloads for financial services. The financial sector is also subjected to a constant stream of new government policies in the form of
new or expanded regulations and tax policies.

In this new whitepaper, read why IDC says "These workloads benefit from being hosted by a single vendor that owns and integrates the entire stack, provides all the aspects of support, and is accountable for the performance, availability, speed, security, resilience, and redundancy across geographies. IDC believes that IBM's Cloud HPC offering provides exactly that, meeting many of the demanding requirements of the financial industry (especially if the end user is already using IBM scheduler software Symphony and/or LSF) while greatly reducing the risks associated with grid computing."

Download your copy of the whitepaper today at:

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