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Day 5: Putting AI to Work for App Modernization - 5 Days of AI

By Krista Summitt posted Mon February 19, 2024 05:00 AM


If trust is arguably the most important concern with AI, I dare say app modernization is a close second.  Businesses are constantly reinventing their ways of working for multiple reasons—be it to take advantage of the latest innovation, to enhance productivity or sometimes just to avoid non-compliance risks. And every time business operations are refined, the applications powering them need to be updated as well, which takes considerable time and effort. This is where generative AI can make a critical difference to accelerate your application modernization journey, augmenting efforts from the advisory and planning phases all the way to implementation.


00:00 Putting AI to work for application modernization

01:03 Chapter 1 - The case for application modernization

02:12 Chapter 2 - The generative AI advantage

05:55 Chapter 3 - The future of modernization

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