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The 6 Sessions Financial Services Professionals Should Not Miss at TechXchange 2023

By Krista Summitt posted Tue September 05, 2023 03:52 PM


Attending conferences always involves choosing the keynotes, sessions, and workshops you don't want to miss. 

With IBM's TechXchange Conference 2023 offering over 900 dynamic sessions, how do you know which ones are must-see for financial services? 

Not to worry, your community leaders have you covered.

Below we’ve curated a list of the top 6 sessions we recommend for financial services professionals, including session numbers, descriptions, and presenters. You may view each presenter’s LinkedIn profile by clicking on their name. 


  1. Register for TechXchange 2023 here.
  2. Review our 6 recommended sessions list below.
  3. Either click the title for each session to sign up OR go here to Build Your Agenda.

If you are attending TechXchange 2023, please share in the comments. This is a great way to plan to connect with your fellow Financial Services Cloud Council and Forum members in person.

NOTE: All session dates, times, and speakers are subject to change. Please visit the TechXchange Session Catalog  to confirm your session before attending.

All session times are PDT.

1. Session 1292: Infuse Security & Compliance to Innovate at Speed. Tue Sep 12, 2:30 PM – 3:30 PM

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Handling security and compliance across diverse environments can be challenging and costly for developers and Site Reliability Engineers (SREs). But can this narrative be changed? Join our session to hear from experts about leveraging IBM Cloud to build, deploy, and manage your mission-critical workloads. Learn how managing security and compliance across hybrid cloud environments with a streamlined, integrated experience can actually fuel innovation, rather than hindering it.


Nataraj Nagaratnam, IBM Fellow. CTO, Cloud Security, IBM

Ameesh Divatia, CEO & Co-Founder, Baffle

 2. Session 5302: Fortifying Against Ransomware Attacks and Emerging Threats with IBM Cloud Storage. 

Thu Sep 14 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

Are you harnessing the full potential of IBM Cloud Object Storage’s robust features to safeguard your data from ransomware and other threats? Join us for a hands-on journey that empowers you with the expertise to fortify your defenses. Walk through the best practices that transform your storage security, unlocking features designed to enhance protection against malicious actors. Plug those security holes, elevate your confidence and embrace a secure future with us.


 Pierre Carlson, Operations Architect, IBM

 Nataraj Nagaratnam, IBM Fellow. CTO, Cloud Security, IBM

      3. Session 3441 Navigating Security & Compliance in Hybrid Multi-Cloud Environments.
Tue Sep 12 9:15 AM – 10:15 AM

      This intermediate to advanced session dives into the challenges of risk and compliance in hybrid multi-cloud environments, illustrating how IBM Cloud for Financial Services sets a benchmark in the industry. Discover the capabilities of the Security and Compliance Center and CNAPP, including Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM), Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP), and vulnerability management. Learn how to leverage these tools for regulatory compliance management on IBM Cloud and hybrid multi-cloud environments. Our technical deep dive will provide hands-on demonstrations and highlight the business value of efficient security and compliance management.




        Carlos Tolon, Sr. Cloud Native Solutions Engineer, Sysdig

       Nataraj Nagaratnam, IBM Fellow. CTO, Cloud Security, IBM

      4. Session 3616: Crafting Cloud-Native Solutions: Achieve Observability & Compliance with IBM Cloud. 
Wed Sep 13 5:00 PM – 5:30 PM

      Cloud-native applications are revolutionizing the industry, but monitoring and complying with regulations can be tricky. This session navigates these challenges by showing you how to design a cloud-native multi-cloud hybrid solution that includes built-in observability, all while adhering to compliance constraints. We will explore IBM Cloud for Financial Services as a prime example, delivering the insights you need to innovate without compromising on control. Join us and take the next step in your cloud-native journey.



      Tony Erwin, Senior Technical Staff Member, IBM

      Andriy Miranskyy, Associate Professor, Toronto Metropolitan University

      William Pourmajidi. Ph.D. Student, Toronto Metropolitan University


     5. Session 5080: Unlocking Continuous Compliance: Scanning for Security & Compliance across your cloud platform, application, and pipelines.  Thu Sep 14 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM 

      Do you want your Developers to thrive? 

      This session will demonstrate how IBM Cloud for Financial Services is uniquely suited to create those guardrails for Developers so that:

  •  Businesses can stay compliant
  •  IT teams can automate
  • CISO and compliance leaders can have the evidence required to run sensitive workloads in public cloud


Greg Hintermeister, Distinguished Engineer; IBM Master Inventor, IBM

Raunak Shrestha, Technical Specialist, IBM

      6.  Session 5061:  Redefining Trade Finance: Leveraging Industry Clouds and Top ISVs 
Thu Sep 14, 9:15AM - 10:15 AM 

      Global trade financing is notorious for its manual, paper-intensive processes. In this era, banks are hungry for digital transformations to enhance their operations and client experiences. Working with global banks and partners like Marco Polo, we discovered an innovative approach utilizing best-of-breed ISVs running on IBM Cloud. This strategy not only ensures scalability and expansion but also addresses security, compliance, integration, and automation. In this session, dive into the technical, operational, and business architecture crafted to process digital transactions across banks, corporate buyers, and suppliers. Transform your trade finance journey with us.


      Juanjo Ruiz, Hybrid Cloud Solutions, Solution Lead, IBM

Greg Hintermeister, Distinguished Engineer; IBM Master Inventor, IBM

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