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Cloud Metrics Model Whitepaper: A Holistic Metrics Reporting Model for Banks

By David Kliemann posted Tue August 08, 2023 12:00 AM

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Access the IBM Cloud Metrics Model Whitepaper here.

While many Financial Institutions are increasingly looking to reap the benefits of cloud computing, there are still several challenges and decisions that organizations wrestle with.

Without a holistic way of reporting metrics such as key performance and risk indictors in cloud, financial institutions often struggle to track and articulate key considerations:

  • Are risks being recognized, managed, and reported properly? To the right audience?In a timely manner?

  • Can organizations demonstrate strong governance and compliance in their cloud environments?

  • Is the business meeting organizational goals?

This whitepaper outlines a metrics model, an initiative of the IBM Financial Services Cloud Council, that is designed to create an industry-recognized method to measure and report the risk level of hybrid-multi cloud operations. With the recognition that organizations may have differing risk tolerances and appetites, this menu of metrics creates a tailorable, digestible approach to reporting cloud related metrics.

Access the IBM Cloud Metrics Model Whitepaper here.

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