Uncovering the Hidden Risk: Leveraging QRadar SIEM to Address Insider Threats

When:  Jun 8, 2023 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)


Insider threats can be difficult to detect — most cases go unnoticed for months or years. Whether the insider is a malicious employee or a contractor with compromised credentials, security teams need to quickly and accurately detect, investigate, and respond to these potentially damaging attacks.

Join us for this webinar, "Uncovering the hidden risk: leveraging QRadar SIEM to address insider threats," where we will explore how IBM Security QRadar SIEM can help your organization detect and respond to insider threats. Our IBM Security expert will demonstrate how the User Behavior Analytics (UBA) app's two essential functions, risk profiling, and unified user identities, can be used to enhance your organization's security posture.

Whether you are new to QRadar SIEM or an experienced user, this webinar will provide valuable insights into how you can leverage this powerful tool to address the hidden risk of insider threats and enhance your organization's overall security posture.

Key Speakers

Amber Borgersen - QRadar SIEM Product Manager

Joy Wang - QRadar SIEM product Marketer