IBM and NASA team up to spur new discoveries about our planet

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IBM and NASA team up to spur new discoveries about our planet 

Wed December 20, 2023 06:17 PM

The goal is tunable, reusable foundation models that make it easier to mine vast datasets for new knowledge to advance science and help us adapt to a changing environment.The model leverages IBM foundation model technology and is part of IBM's larger effort to create and train AI models that can be used for different tasks and apply information from one situation to another. 

The IBM Environmental Intelligence Suite's new Geospatial Foundation Model offers AI-driven geospatial solutions. Powered by NASA's Harmonized Landsat Sentinel-2 data, this remote-sensing spatial data ensures precise asset damage verification and protection across vast terrains. The foundation model’s uniqueness lies in its adaptability, accuracy, self-supervised learning abilities and its reliance on a blend of high-resolution satellite imagery and LiDAR for predictive insights.

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