🌏 IBM® and Esri are working together to map a more sustainable future

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🌏 IBM® and Esri are working together to map a more sustainable future 

Thu March 23, 2023 05:59 PM

IBM has been committed to environmental stewardship for over 50 years, and sustainability is core to the company’s brand. IBM offers a pportfolio of solutions to help businesses gain valuable insights and embed data-driven decisions to drive sustainable business operations. Esri, the global leader in geographic information system (GIS) technology, has been committed to helping its global community of users build a sustainable world since 1969. Deeply rooted in science, Esri’s mapping and analytics platforms have enabled hundreds of thousands of organizations around the world to understand how they can bring their human activities into balance with the natural world.

To truly make the greatest impact, we all need to work together. This is why IBM and Esri are expanding their partnership to take efforts a step further. By incorporating Esri’s geospatial technology into IBM’s sustainability solutions, we can help organizations see the path to achieving their sustainability goals more clearly than ever before.

Power utility companies are using route efficiency to great effect for tasks like vegetation management. Overgrown trees near utility lines pose a risk of fire as well as power outages. By harnessing satellite data and LiDAR feeds from aircraft, utility companies can use the IBM Vegetation Management solution powered by GIS technology to reconcile discrepancies between the locations of trees and power lines, and then use AI tools to optimize the routes of tree trimming crews.