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IBM Champions Spotlight: Eric-Pierre Dufour

By Namitha K posted Thu March 28, 2024 02:44 AM



Meet our new Champion Eric-Pierre Dufour, a dedicated advocate for sustainability and AI, finds himself venturing into a journey of discovery and inspiration. He is part of Soprasteria and Represent Soprasteria at the Responsible Digital Institute ( l'institut du Numérique Responsible- INR). Among the plethora of IBM products, Eric-Pierre holds a special affinity for Sustainability and AI solutions. To him, these tools represent not only the peak of technological innovation but also the key to addressing some of the most pressing environmental challenges facing our planet. When asked about his favorite type of advocacy, Eric-Pierre's preference is towards Community engagements. For him, the power of collective knowledge and shared experiences is unmatched in its ability to drive meaningful progress. It's this drive to involve and exchange experiences that led him to become an IBM Champion in the first place.

In another world, he might have pursued a career in arts, music and cinema! 

As an IBM Champion, Eric-Pierre sees himself as a steward of knowledge and a champion for change. He believes that by leveraging the tools and resources offered by IBM, he can make a meaningful impact on reducing environmental footprints and advancing sustainable practices.

Lightning round:

       What would be your superpower and why? To be able to improve the fate of the planet on the environment to leave a better world for my grandchildren (I have eleven)

      Ice cream or cake? Ice cream specificaly Italian Ice cream

       Cats or dogs? Cats

       Summer or winter? Winter

      Morning or evening? Evening

       eBook or paper book? Paper book

      TV shows or movies? Movies

      A night out or a night in? A night out

      Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? Cannonball into the pool

      Go-to karaoke song? None

      Drive or fly? Drive: Both