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My Takeaways from IBM TechXchange 2023 and why you need to look for IBM TechXchange 2024 !

By Mamatha Venkatesh posted Mon October 30, 2023 07:48 AM


My Takeaways from IBM TechXchange!

IBM TechXchange conference at Las Vegas Sep (11th -14th) 2023, brought together technologists from all over the world to collaborate, learn and actionize. It was a great event for technologists, by technologists hosting 3,000 clients, partners and IBMers focused on community to level up on technical skills.

Conference Highlights included:

  • Keynote speeches from technology and industry leaders
  • Interactive Sessions and hands on labs on Data & AI, Sustainability, and cloud computing to blockchain, and quantum computing,
  • The Sandbox offered exciting interactive space, booths where attendees could learn more on latest IBM technologies, IBM Champions and User Groups and participate on watsonx challenge.
  • TechXchange also featured a variety of networking and social events (Top Golf), Women x Allies Tech Reception etc.

Check out this Video- https://youtu.be/SxCc-iVJdF0 for virtual experience.

We had Partner Preconference Day on Day1 where @Savio Rodriguesour VP, Ecosystem Engineering and Developer Advocacy walked us through how the IBM Ecosystem Engineering and Developer Advocacy (EEDA) team works with IBM ecosystem partners to speed the adoption of IBM technology and shorten the time to revenue.


Sharing some my personal reflections, where I got an opportunity to present on the solution that we cocreated with Wipro business partner on the topic Advancing Retail Sustainability: Utilizing IBM's Tririga and Envizi Solution for Footfall Analysis. Thanks to Satish Narimsha my colleague for driving this mission together.

It was very evident, when we present alongside how powerful the messaging will be. Thanks to Troy Burnet for Wipro for his participation and driving the force.

It was great to see the number of business partners engaged in conversation post our session too that opened doors for future collaboration. Based on the success of the session we were approached present this session at IBM TechXchange Summit EMEA → 22-25, January 2024 → BICC, Barcelona, Spain.

Lead the hands-on lab on sustainability usecases around IBM Maximo, IBM Tririga and IBM Envizi.

Participated in many sustainability sessions where our global team members (product, techsales, technical teams) from IBM teamed to win conversations with partners and customers. It was great collaborating with Envizi team  and SCIS team @Dan Mccallum  @Nitin Sharma  @Tyler Kyburz @Evan Hearn  @KLAUS Roder @Stefan Freund
TechXchange offered us the platform to network and build new relationships and strengthening existing connections. Throughout the conference, I had numerous opportunities to engage with a diverse professional. While connecting with colleagues from the product team fostered a deeper understanding of our product roadmaps especially on Environmental Intelligence Suite and on generativeAI capabilities the impact that it can create in Vegetation Management space for various industries.  My conversations were really helpful for to me share my learning and takeaways at various partner events (Solution workshops, TechFiesta, CodeChallenge events etc) post this conference . Thanks to @Harini Srinivasan @Steve Meliksetian

Conversations at sandbox, at Ecosystem Engineering booths allowed us to engage with various business partners along with our expert teams to share on our client's focus and gain insights into their challenges. Also effectively talk on the watsonx.ai use cases and try to connect the dots on how watsonx.ai could help their specific usecases.

It was great opportunity participate in watsonx challenge as mentors. Meet our organizing team and mentors from Global Ecosystem Engineering team assisting on the Sustainability theme leveraging power of watsonx!!

It was great opportunity participate in watsonx challenge as mentors. Meet our organizing team and mentors from Global Ecosystem Engineering team assisting on the Sustainability theme leveraging power of watsonx!! Thanks to @Jennifer Judge @Alicia walker

Watch out this space for conference highlights  and replays here.

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SAVE THE DATE! IBM TechXchange Conference 2024 - October 21-24 at Las Vegas

Thanks to my leadership team @Savio Rodrigues @SOUMITRA LIMAYE @VIJAY SUKTHANKAR @Deepa Manchikanti @Rene Bostic @nitin sharma

 for this opportunity to showcase what we as GSI lab do along with my colleagues  @Priya Vasudevan @Ravi Kumar Srirangam @Anindya Neogi