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IBM is proud to unveil a new platform, IBM Environmental Intelligence.

By Dan Mishra posted 23 days ago


EXCITING NEWS -- Just announced at THINK 2024!

Embedding Environmental Intelligence to accelerate climate resilience

By Aditya Khosla, ESG & Asset Management, Product Growth and Kimi Jasuja, Product Manager-Sustainability Software
May 21, 2024

Organizations need meaningful data to make informed and timely decisions that support effective responses to the current environmental challenges. Accessing  geospatial, GHG emissions, weather, and climate impact data sets, for example, can be crucial for businesses to build scalable and climate resilient solutions. However, getting access to the specific data sets and insights is challenging.

IBM is proud to unveil a new platform, IBM Environmental Intelligence, designed to empower data scientists and application developers with environmental data sets. This platform, currently under public preview, features curated global environmental data from public and commercial data sets, out-of-the box models, and connectors, that align with specific events and generate alerts, supporting data integration into mission critical software and daily operations. Environmental Intelligence leverages cutting-edge technologies and expertise to help customers mitigate potential financial impact from operational losses and liabilities caused by climate disruption by proactively managing their environmental risks and uncertainties across their business activities.

Through this new technology, IBM seeks to empower data professionals to reach competitive advantage. Environmental Intelligence can help them accomplish that through the following main features.

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