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  • 1.  Idea: IBM GPT to Assist Developers

    Posted Sat April 29, 2023 11:33 AM

    Who here would be interested in idea of developing a GPT that could comb through IBM developer docs and become an AI assistant to individuals looking to develop off the IBM ecosystem.

    It could provide "how to" instructions, and even code snip its, to allow new IBM users to quickly deploy new IBM cloud or AI services into their applications.

    GPT + Deployment 

    In addition to being an AI tutorial assistant, what if this GPT could also deploy cloud services from simple text prompts into the GPT.

    Like if you ask it how to install IBM Cloud Pak for Security and it just deploys it for you automatically. This could super scale onboarding of new cloud users to IBM ecosystem like Microsoft is doing with ChatGPT --> Azure.

    I am very interested in developing something like this in New York City as I am developing an AI research lab in Manhattan (Next Realm AI), and want to integrate all of the amazing products IBM offers.

    A Chat GPT bot for IBM cloud docs would be a super tool I would use daily. Maybe only available for people who create an IBM Cloud account.


    Tom Bustamante,

    Ai Venturetech

    Thomas Bustamante
    AI Venturetech, Inc.
    New York NY

  • 2.  RE: Idea: IBM GPT to Assist Developers

    IBM Champion
    Posted Mon May 01, 2023 05:29 PM

    Why not use Watson Virtual Assistant as a starting point?  IBM has been using large language models for years - think Jeopardy!  Concern for most companies is exposed of protected information or strategies.  ChatGPT has certainly stirred up the world,  and while there are lots of valuable use cases for large language models and generative AI there are also risks that need to be accounted for that could greatly impact how and where this is used.  I like your idea's,  depends on where the data is stored and who has access to the data of course.   

    Kay Vandevanter