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BCN TechXchange | Review from an attendee's point of view

  • 1.  BCN TechXchange | Review from an attendee's point of view

    Posted Mon January 29, 2024 01:03 PM

    At the recent IBM conference I attended, I had the opportunity to participate in several sessions that covered both IBM-specific software and topics related to artificial intelligence. The layout of the sessions was appropriate, addressing a variety of knowledge levels, allowing some participants to find sessions more accessible, while others were more challenging.

    The variety of topics covered in the sessions was notable, ranging from IBM software to advanced artificial intelligence issues. However, a suggestion to improve the experience would be the possibility of classifying the sessions by range of knowledge, making it easier for participants to find those most in line with their level of understanding.

    The best sessions I attended were 'IBM Cognos Analytics REST API gives Super Power: Building Fast, and Visually Impressive Dashboards' and 'Mainframes & The Dark Web session.' Time flew by in both, as the speakers made an effort to keep the talks engaging and enjoyable.

    In terms of facilities, the catering, game room and demonstration stands were well organized and offered a pleasant space for networking and interaction between attendees. However, to further optimize the experience, improvements could be considered, such as the implementation of headphones to make it easier for speakers to hear in noisy environments, as well as the possibility of providing real-time translation through artificial intelligence to the native language of each participant.

    Redouan Nati