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Reddit AMA with IBM Data Scientists 

Wed November 07, 2018 12:15 PM

Recently, a group of 10 IBM engineers working on data science and machine learning problems across genomics, transportation, energy, agriculture, and more participated in a 3-hour Reddit AMA discussion about IBM's approach to data science and machine learning.

They are Kaggle Grandmasters, PhD mathematicians, inventors, and developers, based in labs around the world, and collaborating every day to build ways for artificial intelligence to address the world's most complex problems.

Some examples of questions include:

  • Are you doing any work on streaming data? Are you familiar with the Fog computing concept and how it may get applied in industrial applications? Would you be interested in working with a small open source company in that space?
  • What developments in AI and machine learning are you expecting in the nearby future that will influence everyday life?
  • My question is: since AI is based on human made decisions, is there a chance of having "creative" AI in the future?

Check out the thread here and leave us comments in the community if you have requests for new events like this, or any additional questions!


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