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Raise the Bar on Data Science ROI by Combining ML & Decision Optimization 

Mon December 03, 2018 02:49 PM

"What if you could reduce your planning process from 1 week to 1 hour, or from 1 hour to 1 second? What if you could, at the click of a button, improve your bottom line by double digits?  In this session, you will learn to do just that by leveraging IBM's powerful Machine Learning (ML) and Decision Optimization (DO) technologies together.  You will learn the differences and complementary strengths of ML and DO, learn best practices, and see examples of combining these technologies to achieve financial gains and efficiencies based on some IBM Data Science Elite client projects.  The session also includes a demo of combining ML & DO in IBM Data Science Experience (DSX)."

This webcast was produced by Susara van Den Heever, IBM Data Science Elite program director at IBM.



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