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Extensions, Tools and Utilities for SPSS Statistics 

Thu May 21, 2020 03:49 PM

Extension Commands – add-ons for IBM SPSS Statistics that work like standard syntax. These all require one or more plug-in or Essentials. For a pdf document with a summary view of the IBM-written extensions, go here. With Statistics 22 or later, you can see summary information and download and install extensions from within the product using Utilities > Extension Bundles > Download and Install Extension Bundles.

Python modules for use in writing Python programs

Statistical Tools for use with IBM SPSS Statistics. May be standard syntax, Python programs, R programs, or other material.

SPSS Graphical Tools for use with IBM SPSS Statistics and other SPSS products

Utilities for working with IBM SPSS Statistics

SPSS .NET Materials for use with the IBM SPSS Statistics .NET plug-in. Support for the .Net Plugin is deprecated starting with IBM SPSS Statistics 25. The .Net Plugin is supported only in versions prior to version 25. For version 25, and all subsequent releases (including Subscription), you can build the .Net Plugin functionality via the Programmability SDK package. IBM no longer provides the .NET Plugin installer or corresponding support.

The Smartreader for SPSS Statistics

IBM® SPSS® Smartreader provides much of the dynamic functionality found in the IBM® SPSS® Statistics Viewer without requiring an SPSS Statistics installation, including the ability to:

Transpose rows and columns and drill-down through the layers of multidimensional pivot tables.

Explore models interactively with the Model Viewer from here

In unlocked documents, you can also:

  • Explore tree diagrams with the Tree Viewer.
  • Edit the content of pivot tables.
  • Modify charts to change colors, fonts, swap axes, add interpolation lines, and even change thechart type (for example, change a bar chart to a pie chart).
  • Change the appearance of tables and charts with TableLooks and chart templates.

Smartreader version 27 for Windows 64bit and Linux are available.
Smartreader version 26 for Windows 32bit Windows 64bit, and Linux are available.

Smartreader version 25 for Windows 32bit Windows 64bit, and Linux are available.

Smartreader versions 21 to 24 for Windows, Mac, and Linux are available here (select the Tools for SPSS Products button on that page).

Older Smartreader versions are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux here.

The Statistics Diagnostics Tool, which collects system, environment, and configuration information for use in troubleshooting support issues is available from the Passport Advantage site: IBM SPSS Statistics Desktop 23.0 for Base and all Modules Microsoft Windows Multilingual eAssembly (CRUM4ML)
–> IBM SPSS Statistics Diagnostic Utility 23.0 Microsoft Windows Multilingual (CN3EJML )

Software Development Kits and I/O Modules for SPSS Statistics

You don’t need these items unless you want to go beyond the facilities provided above.

Software Development Kits (SDKs) provide tools for writing plug-ins via a C api, including a C api for Statistics.

The programmability Software Development kits (SDKs) for Statistics Version 28.0.1 at here. The programmability SDKs for Statistics Version 28 at here. Older programmability SDKs versions are available in this collection.

The SPSS I/O modules provide a way to read and write SPSS data files (SAV files) without a Statistics installation. While multiple versions are provided, the newest one can be used for all of the Statistics versions. The downloads contain the material for all the platforms supported by Statistics. The license terms on this page are different from the general developerWorks license used for other items, but they are intended to encourage broad usage of this material.

  • The modules for Statistics Version 28.0.1 at here.
  • The modules for Statistics Version 28 at here.
  • The modules for Statistics Version 27 are available here.
  • The modules for Statistics Version 26 are available here.
  • The modules for Statistics Version 25 are available here.
  • The modules for Statistics Version 21 to 24 are available here.
  • The modules matching Statistics versions 18 and 19 are available here.


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