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Byte Size Data Science - YouTube Channel 

6 days ago

Byte Size Data Science - YouTube Channel
Jacques Roy
IBM Executive IT Specialist
Digital Technical Engagement, Watson Data and AI

Data science, machine learning, deep learning and AI are hot subjects. Many people want to get into that, but these are daunting ares to get into. It is easy to waste days surfing the web to try to find relevant material. It often feels that people are talking in code and it seems impossible to become part of the in crowd.

So I'm trying to help in this area. I created a YouTube channel called "Byte Size Data Science" to provide short videos that address specific aspects of data science in a concise manner as to optimize the viewer's time.

YouTube Channel: 

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6 days ago

I just tried it and it works for me.
you can also try:

6 days ago

This is great @Jacques Roy, thank you for sharing. A heads up, the link "Byte Size Data Science - YouTube" brings you right to the channel. The one above that ​"" gives me a 404 :)

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