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New Committers to JupyterLab!

We're very glad to announce that last week IBMers Martha Cryan and Alex Bozarth were both officially added to the JupyterLab committer list! Open source is core to the ethos of IBM and how we build our own products, so we're exceptionally proud of Alex and Martha in their continued...

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Deploying an Internal Browsable Knowledge Repository with Jupyter Notebooks

[Link] Code: As an organization grows, how do we make sure that an insight uncovered by one person effectively transfers beyond the targeted recipient? Airbnb solves this with its knowledge repository project: An open-source...

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Monday Replay: “Enabling Fastai Multi-GPU/DDP Training in Jupyter Notebook” (SF Python, February 12)

Here’s the second post in our “Monday Replay” series. Once again, this lightning talk came out of the February 12, 2020 SF Python Meetup where the IBM Data Science Community was happy to be the sponsor for video post-production. The presenter is Phillip K.S. Chu ( GitHub ). Enjoy! ...

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Unable to Publish Directly from Jupiter Notebook

Hello Community, I have tried severally to publish my code from the Jupiter Notebook but couldn't. Before trying to publish it, I've already opened a Github repository for it and linked the repository's GitHub URL to the project on Watson studio. I used the settings to navigate to where I was...

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How IBM and a supply chain company predict employee retention

Context The IBM Data Science Elite (DSE) is a team of data scientists and data engineers who work with a select group of IBM clients to test and implement data science solutions — at no additional cost to those clients. The DSE team is the result of a stark reality that companies...

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