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Introducing AutoML

by Paco Nathan and Will Roberts AutoML is a term that appears increasingly in tech industry articles and vendor product claims, and is also a hot topic within AI research in academia. Consider how nearly all of the public cloud vendors promote some form of AutoML service. The tech ...

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DevOps for ML Applications: CI/CD Workflows

As a part of the IBM Data Science Elite ( DSE ) engagements, we've had many conversations with customers about enabling CI/CD in the machine learning (ML) pipeline - as a result I've decided to summarize the steps in a blog. The blog outlines the steps for implementing CI/CD workflows...

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Caret Library: Model Training and Parameter Tuning

Introduction Today, we will be using a very fascinating R library which is extensively used for automating algorithms and repeated testing of our algorithms. The CARET package ( C lassification A nd RE gression T raining). CARET is well known for streamlining and build predictive...

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Diabetes Prediction with Ensemble Techniques

Till your good is better and better is best! ENSEMBLE Yes, the above quote is so true. We humans have ability to rate things and find some or the other matrices to measure things and evaluate them or their performances. Similarly, in Data Science you can measure your model’s accuracy...

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Survival Analysis - What is it ? How can it solve my business problems?

Survival Analysis Part 1- What is it ? And How can it solve my business problems? The Origin Story As ironic as it may sound, but one of the AI modeling methods powering social media behavior of millennials, has been around for almost half a millenia! This curve created in...

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Survival Analysis - An Example: How to Predict Future Repair Amount Apart?

Survival Analysis Part 2 - An Example: How to Predict Future Repair Amount? Introduction The idea of survival analysis comes from a businessman, John Gaunt . He built the life table including 3 columns (Age, Died, Survived) to analyze mortality statistics in London. Thirty years after...

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How IBM and a supply chain company predict employee retention

Context The IBM Data Science Elite (DSE) is a team of data scientists and data engineers who work with a select group of IBM clients to test and implement data science solutions — at no additional cost to those clients. The DSE team is the result of a stark reality that companies...

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