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Get started learning now

Rob Thomas, GM, IBM Data and AI, welcomes community members to access free and fee-based learning in the Data and AI Learning group. Get started today. #Hands-on #Hands-on-feature #AI-skills #AI-skills-feature

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Real-World Enterprise ML/AI Workflows with TWIML & IBM

Recently we kicked off a TWIML study group so that folks interested in taking the IBM AI Enterprise Workflow courses on Coursera could collaborate and support one another. Each of the courses in the six-course series is two weeks long (plus another two weeks at the end for a capstone...

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OpenDS4All is Live!

In early October, IBM announced that it was working with the university of Pennsylvania and the Linux Foundation to develop a starter kit of educational modules that can be used as the basis for the development of a data science curriculum by academic institutions. Today, I am excited to ...

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Agile AI: A Practical Guide to Building AI Applications and Teams

Agile AI : A Practical Guide to Building AI Applications and Teams As more companies work to adopt AI for business processes, project costs and failure rates are on the rise. Why? No standard practice exists for implementing AI in business applications, and many organizations don...

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Data science for all – an open source approach to education

Today is an exciting day for me. After months of hard work, IBM, the University of Pennsylvania, and the Linux Foundation are announcing an innovative, first-of-a-kind open source project that will enable universities around the world to build Data Science programs faster. With IBM’s investment...

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Future proof your resume with NEW IBM Professional Certificates on Coursera

As Josh Bersin states in his article Career Management goes mission critica l ; “One of the most disruptive changes in the world of work is the new way we manage our careers. Only a few decades ago people relied on their employers for a career. Today this has radically changed, giving birth to...

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