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Think 2019: The Road to AI—A Journey to Modernize Your Data Architecture

SESSION FROM THINK 2019 6820: The Road to AI—A Journey to Modernize Your Data Architecture AI is radically transforming business. Are you ready? The evolving nature of data in 2018 is forcing data management solutions for analytics architectures to evolve, too. The key is to build a modern...

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Making Data Simple: Kansas City Keynote

"Host Al Martin, IBM VP of Hybrid Data Management & Client Success, and Sam Lightstone, CTO for Data, IBM Fellow & Master Inventor, present their Kansas City Techweek keynote. They go over what it means to make data ready for AI, become data-driven and acquire growth. They deliver key...

[Season 3 - Episode 2] Making Data Simple- Kansas City Keynotesoundbite.mp4

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How can Artificial Intelligence improve your conversion rate?

The role of a digital analyst is ever expanding with new tools to master, new attribution models to analyse and more data sources to consider. Add into the mix the endless report requests and reams of email to sift through and there’s very little time left to do the real work of finding those...

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Shocking Data Dashboard Confession: “I’ve Deceived You”

Shocking Data Dashboard Confession: "I've Deceived You" Years of mistaking correlation for causation When your data dashboard reaches full AI maturity, it will have to apologize: “Sorry I’ve been deceiving you.” Without you knowing, it’s delivered years of misinformation. That...

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