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Problem with Watson studio

Hi, I am currently doing the IBM Data Science course and working on Watson Studio Visual Recognition. I am encountering the following problem. After adding the Visual Recognition this pop up appears and I am uncertain why as I have only one plan so therefore I cannot proceed. Help! Many...

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problem with "visual recognition"

hi there, I am doing IBM data science through Coursera, I am stuck in first page, creating project, the " visual recognition" does not appear for me, I searched a bit I found some answers, I went through it, I found a link to add "visual recognition", at the end the server told me I can not...

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visual recognition

Hi, I have enrolled for IBM What is data science course with Coursera. I am supposed to create a project with visual recognition but i dont have this function According to my course, I should be looking at the following screen Thank you, #WatsonStudio #coursera #visual-recognition --...