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Member spotlight: Neeraj Jangid, Southern Methodist University

Neeraj Jangid is a budding data scientist who is currently enrolled in a masters in engineering management program at Southern Methodist University. After being introduced to data science at school, he decided to start blogging and sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm with other prospective data scientists. We spoke with him to learn about his passion for data science and his career ambitions....Read more



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6 months ago

User Benefits of Using AutoAI

We are delighted to announce the general availability of AutoAI in Watson Studio . We first previewed this in February for Think! 2019. With this release, we extend the portfolio of best-in-class data science and machine learning tools available in Watson Studio, the premier enterprise data science platform. This release focuses on the automation of the end-to-end model building lifecycle, from data ingestion to model deployment. With this release, Watson Studio continues its mission of boosting the productivity of data science teams large and small.

#Watson Studio

6 months ago

Preview, Profile and Visualize your data using Data Refinery @ SCALE

With IBM® Watson™ Studio, IBM has been ushering its customers into the era of AI. We from offering management have been working diligently to fortify and build upon the power of Watson Studio in order to further accelerate the multi-cloud AI journey, which enterprises across the globe have embarked on.

#Machine Learning

6 months ago

Step by step instructions on this github repo.

No Coding, Python or R required. Just plug your high-dimensional data and visualize it with the Data Refinery Tool in Watson Studio. Don’t get me wrong, I love coding in Python and R but when it comes to visualizing data fast, I just use Data Refinery.

#Data Set
#Data Visualization

one month ago

Intro to IBM Watson Studio User Group Meetups presented at IBM Watson Studio User Group Meetup on December 9th, 2019.

one month ago

"Watson Machine Learning: Operationalize & Automate Data Science" presented at IBM Watson Studio User Group Meetup on December 9th, 2019.