Trusting AI: build a fair and robust model in production

When:  Jan 15, 2020 from 6:30 AM to 10:00 AM (GB)
To trust a decision made by an algorithm, we need to know that it is reliable and fair, that it can be accounted for, and that it will cause no harm. We need assurance that it cannot be tampered with and that the system itself is secure. We need to understand the rationale behind the algorithmic assessment, recommendation or outcome, and be able to interact with it, probe it – even ask questions. And we need assurance that the values and norms of our societies are also reflected in those outcomes.

In this workshop we will use Watson OpenScale, which is build with trusted AI open-source projects. Watson OpenScale tracks and measures outcomes from your AI models, and helps ensure they remain fair, explainable and compliant wherever your models were built or are running.


Techspace Shoreditch
25 Luke St
London, EC2A 4AR