Spend less time on data prep and more time on uncovering insights with Watson Studio Desktop

When:  Feb 25, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 10:00 AM (PT)

Are you spending a majority of your working hours (and maybe even some non-working hours) blending, cleansing and shaping data in spreadsheets instead of focusing on actual data analysis? If so, you’re not alone. As many as two-thirds of all IT and data professionals use spreadsheets for preparing data.

With spreadsheets, things like copying and pasting over hundreds or thousands of rows, painstakingly writing formulas only to get the dreaded “#REF” error, aggregating values via pivot tables and trying to learn how to write macros can be incredibly tedious and time-consuming.  And it only gets more difficult as data sets grow. 

To make matters worse, when new data arrives, you’re forced to repeat much of the process.  There’s a better way.

Watson Studio Desktop automates and eliminates many of the manual, mundane tasks associated with data prep. 

  • Identify missing fields and address outliers, unusual distributions and other data quality issues using an intuitive, graphical interface. 
  • Interactively discover, cleanse, and transform data with over 100 built-in operations.
  • Understand the quality and distribution of your data using dozens of built-in charts, graphs, and statistics.
  • Cleanse and shape tabular data with a graphical flow editor.

Best of all, no coding skills are required.  Plus, once you’ve created the required set of operations (or flow), you simply run any updates to the data through the flow, so there’s no repeating your work!

Join us for this informative webinar and learn how you can spend less time prepping data and more time analyzing it – and maybe get some of those nights and weekends back in the process.  

Nerav Doshi
Nerav Doshi
Decision Optimization, IBM Cloud Pak for Data, Digital Technology Engagement
Graham Turney
Graham Turney
Product Marketer, Watson Studio Desktop & SPSS Modeler