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  • You should see this dialog when you are opening data. If for some reason the bottom of the dialog is clipped off, you can use tab to get to OK and then press Enter. ------------------------------ Jon Peck ------------------------------

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  • Hi All, I am trying to import data from SPSS Stats 28 into Amos 28 (Windows 11 platform) but the dialog box does not have "ok" or "cancel" buttons. Any suggestions? ------------------------------ Maureen Driscoll ------------------------------

  • Dear all, I have a problem after moving from AMOS 27 to AMOS 28. Using AMOS 28 on models created with AMOS 27, I get different output regarding chi2 (much higher values than before) and its probability levels (now standard 1,000) as well as the NFI, TLI ...

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  • The IBM SPSS Modeler team is pleased to announce that SPSS Modeler 18.4, SPSS Collaboration and Deployment Services 8.4, and SPSS Analytic Server 3.4 is generally available. These new versions within the SPSS Modeler suite of products bring new functionalities ...

  • The majority of data in a business is in an unstructured text format like surveys, tweets, and press releases. Deriving value from this data can be incredibly time intensive if done manually, and natural language processing can seem to be an arcane discipline ...

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  • In 2021, an average of 3.98 million Americans quit their jobs each month, marking the highest Bureau of Labor Statistics employee turnover record since the organization began tracking this data in 2000. This highly volatile labor market has many referring ...

  • The G2 2022 Best Software Awards rank the world’s best software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews from real users. Positive feedback from customers and awards like these are evidence of IBM delivering solutions to solve some ...

  • Hello first time everybody! What picture do you imagine when you read yet another article about sales forecasting? Something like this, with stable seasonality and trend, with 10 years of history available? Figure 1 – Passengers dataset ...

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