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  • Hi All, If you use Jupyter notebooks, are you planning on moving to the new Jupyter Lab IDE platform, sticking with "classic" Jupyter, or using both? Thanks! ------------------------------ RAJ SINGH ------------------------------

  • I did use a graph database in a "real" project once. Well, more a proof of concept in reality. We used it to assess causal linkages between economic factors and actors. For example, how industries related to geographical areas. This enriched our otherwise ...

  • ​I too would be interested in knowing what data people find useful from syslogs and what data people filter out. ------------------------------ Gerald Beasley Thomson Reuters ------------------------------

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  • Data modeling isn’t always considered a core data science skill (it should be!), but it came in handy during this project. It allowed us to separate the project into a development application component and a data science engine component – one to collect ...

  • Companies have a choice today. They can be the disrupted or the disruptor. Every industry will be disrupted in the coming years. None are safe. The safer they seem, the more susceptible they probably are. In fact, only two things stand a chance of ...

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