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    Posted Tue November 26, 2019 10:55 AM
    Hello all,
    Global University Programs (GUP), well into it's second year, is also another wonderful learning arena. Our goal is to reach out to universities and colleges in the hopes of narrowing the skills gap that employers seek yet may not find in the expensive diplomas. Take a look at some of our correspondence:
    1. Global University Programs (Can get to the three pillars from here as well).
    2. Eight tracks in IBM Skills Academy
    3. Academic Initiative
    These comprise our three pillars offered by GUP. It is more of a face-to-face and train-the-trainer paradigm that an online course. I happen to be the course developer and instructor for the AI and Data Science tracks. And this is a wonderful Community for ALL of us to confer and share our good doings.

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