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Let's talk about chatbots

  • 1.  Let's talk about chatbots

    Posted Thu December 09, 2021 01:56 PM
    Edited by Luis Gerardo Ayala Bertel Thu December 09, 2021 02:10 PM
    Cordial greetings,

    Within the framework of AI, there is a very interesting field that is Natural Language Processing which gives us an overview of how computers can understand and interact through text-type inputs, there is a currently widely used tool called chatbot, an algorithmic system that carries out actions related to interaction, mainly aimed at customer service, capable of establishing conversation with users within a specific area for which it has been programmed.

    It's important to identify that a chatbot has a particular focus depending on the creator, the responses have been previously designed to meet the user's needs for questions and comments.
    In IBM there is a service denominated Watson Assistant, where we can make our chatbot based on three important aspects, intents, entities, and dialogs, there Watson provides us with a very friendly environment like this we can develop and deploy in social networks or even web pages.

    Qué es IBM Watson Assistant? « TOSSA
    Chatbots also have advantages such as, Collect user behaviors either in purchases or services, Generate empathy with the customer, Create immediate responses, Collect information and bring the user a potential purchase or contracting of services or products. And also, It makes the business process more efficient.
    There is a professional certificate in partnership with Coursera called IBM Applied AI, where we can learn the different concepts, tools for data science, and finally, the services in IBM cloud to identify these technological trends without, let's say having a background in programming, in my experience, I made a chatbot of a flower shop which I want to share with all you.

    What do you think about it, have you ever been curious to create a chatbot, if you have made one, how has been your experience?

    Luis Gerardo Ayala Bertel

  • 2.  RE: Let's talk about chatbots

    Posted Fri December 10, 2021 10:56 AM
    I have never created any chatbot,but from the experience that it was shared,I am  interested in learning this,and am looking forward for the coursera course link shared

    Prudensia Maziku

  • 3.  RE: Let's talk about chatbots

    Posted Fri December 10, 2021 11:48 AM
    Very appreciated the reply esteemed @Prudensia Maziku, is really nice explore the curiosity of cutting-edge technologies that we have right now and accesible to use in practical cases, happy to you take the initiative and learn this topic.
    When I started the Coursera courses, my first think is look at it as a new goal to achieve, being motivated in learn and having my mind open to explore what advantages or possibilities can be done with this methods.

    I hope you enjoy a lot and keep sharing with us here, feel also comfortable to introduce yourself and where are you from.

    Kind regards.

    Luis Gerardo Ayala Bertel