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Data Science and AI Elite Team working to help clients virtually during these trying times..

  • 1.  Data Science and AI Elite Team working to help clients virtually during these trying times..

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    As we all learn what Social Distancing is and transition to working from home, The Data Science Elite (DSE) team is still open for business!

    The DSE team is a team of the worlds top data scientists who work on use-cases to help IBM clients kick start or continue their journey to AI. With travel ban we’ve set up shop in our homes with our families, dogs, and other roommates splitting time in makeshift offices, including bedrooms, living rooms, closets and yes even laundry rooms. Who else can relate?

    All jokes aside, first I want to highlight that Data Science and AI has many use cases which are very relevant to our clients in the current landscape. AI has the ability to provide a proactive approach to this crisis as clients try to address coming financial impact. For example, we recently helped a large bank create a model to predict loan defaults. This was focused on banks who supply their clients with both deposits and loans. The model helps predict the probability of a future loan default months in advance. This allows the bank to be proactive and offer programs that can mitigate default from occurring. This is just one simple example, but we have many AI use cases like this that we have developed with clients.

    To continue our success with clients virtually, we have taken a 3 prong approach going 100% remote. Starting today, we are now offering:

    1. Weekly Digital Broadcast

    We will create a Weekly Digital Broadcast which is a combination of webinars and podcast that cover best practices around data science and AI, use case experiences, outcomes, case studies and any topic of interest collected from the team.

    Register and learn more here:

    I've kick off the series with a webinar on Agile AI which you access here:

    2. One on One Briefings

    A big part of what the DSE team does is meet with clients one-on-one, and cover a variety of topics around data science and AI. To keep this going, we will have virtual one on one briefings with our clients discussing many topics around Data Science and AI, including our 4 part approach to the AI puzzle.*oXxVtT_ybSpkZWtIsNbZ0g.png

    First part is anchored around a use case or business outcome, it important to make sure you don't get lost in the technology. Next we bring the right skills and tools to solve each business problem. We then develop a working proof of concept using client data following an Agile AI methodology. This approach allow us to help clients quickly prove value with AI and reduce their risk of failure. I recently published an O'Reilly book on Agile AI for our clients which you can download here for free:

    3. The Engagement - Co-Created Proof Of Concept

    A successful engagement includes many one-on-one briefings, workshops and weeks of Agile AI code development as described above. To adhere to social distancing, we have gone 100% virtual so we can help our clients physically kick-start their AI projects with their data and our team without any risk of the virus.

    Our approach has 3 parts, First is the Planning Phase where we shape a use case, looking into the data, Review model approaches and defining a working team. Next we Stand up an AI environment (Cloud Pak for Data) to do the work, grant access to the team and load the data. Lastly is when the magic occurs, we start sprint development and have daily stand ups and weekly sprint read outs.

    To learn more, visit the DSE Website to see how were working daily with our clients:

    download O'Reilly Agile AI e-book here:

    Sales engage here: and Specify DSE Virtual Program

    Attached is a one-page flyer..

    Use your coupon here for DSE Team:

    Carlo Appugliese
    IBM Data Science and AI Elite