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Introduce Yourself!

  • 1.  Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Wed April 18, 2018 01:48 PM
    Edited by Ena Bevrnja Wed April 18, 2018 06:50 PM

    Hi Everyone,


    My name is Ena, and I'm part of the IBM Community Management team.

    My main goal is to support you, answer your questions, facilitate conversations, help you get to know the platform, and make this community an overall great place for you to visit regularly. I'm excited to get to know you all personally.


    I'd love if you'd upload a profile picture, then introduce yourself briefly in the comments below by answering one or all of the following questions (feel free to go off script as well):


    • What would make this community amazing for you?
    • How do you use IBM products?
    • What are you passionate about, other than work?
    • What's your favorite Data Science joke?


    Here's a little about me: I'm a history enthusiast, I love documentaries, my guilty pleasure is too much black coffee, and I'm super excited to be here at IBM Community.

    OK, your turn! Upload that profile picture and introduce yourself!

    Ena Bevrnja
    IBM Community Team

  • 2.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Fri April 20, 2018 01:37 PM
    Hello All,

    My name is Rathish. I manage a team of IBM Helpdesk (Technical Support) Agents. So if your machine goes kaput and support is a bummer, you know whom to contact. Oops, ignore the previous statement, strictly no work topic here! ;-)

    About me, I am a self-confessed introvert. And I do what introverts do the best - read, read and read. I am very tech savvy and a good observer of stuffs. I learnt [R] and Analytics earlier and am learning Python these days, as its versatility quenches my technical thirst.

    Regarding me being here, I am planning for a career switch in Data Science. The things to learn is abundant but no right resource or guidance for a learning path. I am hoping this will be achieved over here. I am also here for networking with other Data Science professionals, so feel free to drop me a hi when you get time!


    Rathish Poovadan

  • 3.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Fri April 20, 2018 04:07 PM
    Edited by Ena Bevrnja Wed January 30, 2019 01:07 PM
    Hi Rathish! 

    I 'm an avid reader as well, be sure to let me know some of your favorite reads! 

    So glad to have you as part of the community, you're definitely in the right place for Data Science learning and networking.

    Ena Bevrnja


  • 4.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Sat April 28, 2018 06:22 AM
    I´m Carlos Gerardo Said; IT Manager for a university institution.  Professor and Researcher. 

    Have a Master degree in Knowledge Engineering, and more than 40 years working on IT and Data Science. 

    Thanks for the opportunity to be part of this space.

    Carlos Said

  • 5.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Mon April 30, 2018 06:23 PM
    Hi Carlos,

    Wow, 40 years of experience! That's impressive!

    Thanks for joining the community!

    Ena Bevrnja


  • 6.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Tue May 01, 2018 04:13 AM
    Hello Community,

    I'm Surendra.  I'm passionate about latest mobile phones, coding and technology. I will be amazed if this community can help learning and enrich expertise in data science, though fun should never be missed while learning :)

    My favorite DS joke is: 
    "You are so Mean that your Standard Deviation is Zero"

    Surendra Goud E V Goud E V

  • 7.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Fri June 29, 2018 06:10 PM
    Edited by Ena Bevrnja Fri June 29, 2018 06:11 PM
    Hi Surendra, 

    Thanks for joining the community. If you're interested in the latest Data Science technology, be sure to check out Data Science Community Day. It's a virtual event that I think you'd like!

    Clever joke, I also like:
    A Machine Learning algorithm walks into a bar. The bartender asks, "What'll you have?" The algorithm says, "What's everyone else having?"

    Ena Bevrnja


  • 8.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Tue May 01, 2018 12:58 PM
    Edited by Steve Walsh Tue May 01, 2018 12:59 PM
    Hello All,

    My name is Steve Walsh.  I've been with IBM for 2 years and with Thomson Micromedex / Thomson Reuters / Truven Health Analytics (the latter was a Watson Health acquisition in April of 2016) for 13 years in a variety of IT roles.

    I have a B.S. in Information Systems and a minor in Math.

    I'm just starting down this Data Science path after almost 20 years in various IT support and administration roles, trying to finally put my actual degree to more direct use.  I'm taking classes through Udacity's "nanodegree" programs; specifically their Data Analyst and Deep Learning course series.

    The biggest challenge for me, I think, will be getting my foot in the door with my first actual DSci position.  As with many fields, that first step is often the more difficult.

    I'm glad to be here with colleagues of similar interests.

    Steve Walsh

  • 9.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Tue July 24, 2018 02:46 PM
    Hi Steve, 

    We're so glad to have you as part of the community. It's a great place for networking and meeting new people with similar interests! 

    Ena Bevrnja


  • 10.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Wed May 16, 2018 06:02 AM
    Hi Everyone,
    it is a great pleasure for me to join this community

    My name is Matthias Hertweck. I'm responsible for the Software Client Architects (SCA) in Europe within IBM. The SCAs support key clients in developing software solutions and architectures for major business challenges.

    Data science is one of my favorite topics where i'm keen to exchange experiences and learn more. We are actually creating huge amounts of data. With the potential of IoT we are accelerating the creation of data. But if we are not capable to generate new intelligence out of all this data, every data is useless and a waste of storage. Data science is the key for me to create new intelligence and insights out of data.

    I work for 25 years in IBM. Primarily in the software business, in technical sales, sales, services and lab development roles, national in the market, international, across industries primarily non-financial.

    I'm always interested in solutions creating value to solve concrete problems. Tools and products support me to achieve this but are not the primary driver.  This applies for me also to data science. First get an understanding of the business problem and apply then the appropiate tool/ technique to solve it.

    I'm looking forward to collaborate, exchange and network in this community.

    And by the way, I'm based in Munich (Germany). I'd love any outdoor activities and my two dogs ;-)


  • 11.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Tue July 24, 2018 11:12 AM
    Greetings Esteemed Colleagues,
    • What would make this community amazing for you?
    I need help overcoming obstacles as I work through projects. This means advice and reference to where I can find the solution. And, maybe some encouragement too. 
    • How do you use IBM products?
      • I use SPSS Modeler to create descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analytics for the Advancement (fundraising) division of a small, private university.
    • What are you passionate about, other than work?
      • I'm passionate about my home repair projects, my two adopted greyhounds, my family, and my tendency to binge view sci-fi stuff on Netflix
    • What's your favorite Data Science joke?
      • Why were our math and stats professors such good dancers? They had algorithm!

    Stephen Lambert, PhD
    Institutional Advancement
    Susquehanna University
    Selinsgrove, PA USA

  • 12.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Tue July 24, 2018 11:30 AM
    My name is Marius. I'm one of the community managers here at IBM. Happy to help in any way I can.

    Marius Ciortea

  • 13.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Tue July 24, 2018 12:09 PM
    Hello everyone, I'm a machine learning researcher and sometimes applied data scientist.

    Kush Varshney

  • 14.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Tue July 24, 2018 04:30 PM
    Hi all, 

    I'm on the IBM Community marketing team and am here to help build a great community for our members. 


    Linda Crowe

  • 15.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Wed July 25, 2018 09:33 AM
    Hello My name is Damilola Omifare. I am a self taught programmer, data scientist and machine learning engineer. 
    I share my own thoughts about Machine learning, Artificial  through my personal blog post.  
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    Join Bhetey, to get study in Portugal support, Study Mentorship, the latest news and updates in ML; Web Development, Statistics
    View this on BHETEY >
    I am interested in learning and collaborating with others. 
    Thank you

    Damilola Omifare

  • 16.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Wed July 25, 2018 01:11 PM
    Hello, my name is Lynn Chou, IBM Community Marketing Manager for Core Databases. If you have questions on Db2, Informix, or other Data Management issues, I will be happy to get the right expert to help you.

    Lynn Chou

  • 17.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Sat July 28, 2018 06:11 PM

    Hello everyone!

    My pleasure to meet you all, advocates of Data Science!

    I'm Winnie Yeung.  I specialized in Performance testing using automated test tools working for IBM the past 16 years.  Prior to my career move to IT, I had an academic background on Actuarial Science having my early career in the Life Insurance industry.  As you might know, Actuarial Science is within the field of Applied Statistics, an early form of supervised Machine Learning and modeling. 

    The emerging Cognitive Computing and Data Science have rekindled my passion in Statistics like an unfulfilled dream.  I am excited that Data Science has now given new meaning and purpose for so many business applications! 

    I download and experiment Data Science toolkits, Watson Studio, SPSS, IoT on Cloud.  What I found most helpful in my learning is attending local meetups. I take advantage of every opportunity to share and collaborate hence the Communities!  As volunteer, I most recently reach out to Grade 7 and 8 students in summer camp to mess up a few things with Raspberry Pi, and Voice box configuring Cloud.  A lot of fun, laughter AND sweat but no effort ever wasted! 

    What's your kind of adventure path?


    Winnie Yeung

  • 18.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Wed August 01, 2018 06:29 AM
    Good morning/afternoon/evening to you all!

    My name is Tracey, and I have been a Data Scientist for longer than I knew what I was. :) I work in IBM Systems (which was IBM Microelectronics) making the newest, fastest, most powerful computer chips on the planet (if I do say so myself, which I do). I have a Ph.D. in Chemistry, which was useful when I was working on the line in manufacturing, but for the last 15 years, I've been learning a ton of programming to meet my own analytic needs. So far, I've picked up SQL, SAS, Java (+Groovy), and now I'm deep into Python. Tons of fun!

    In my spare time, I am raising four great kids and spending as much time as possible outdoors.

    I don't have any good Data Science jokes, but I do have a good science joke with two paths:

    What do you get when you cross a mountain climber and a mountain goat?

    1) Nothing! You can't cross scalers.
    2) Removal of your funding and a stern rebuke from the ethics committee.

    Cheers all!

    Tracey Newton

  • 19.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Wed August 01, 2018 12:49 PM
    Hi Everyone,

    I am Aradhana working on Air Canada account as an TPF analyst.Now planning to switch into data science.
    I have already started learning it by myself and also looking for few certifications.
    However ,more than self study its all about mentors,guidance,and practical experience which will help us to learn quickly .I am eager to work on some data science projects as a beginner to enhance my knowledge.

    Aradhana Patil

  • 20.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Thu August 02, 2018 10:34 AM
    Hi All,
    Myself Nidhi Pal.I am with IBM since 8 years now and working as CTD specialist designed by IBM Research lab which is used for test case optimization,test accelerators and ensure 100% requirement coverage by permutation and combination logic behind.
    i have around 11 years of industry experience and now i am looking forward  to upgrade my skill sets in Data Science path.I have self learned many skills in the  Data Science area like Data Cleaning, Imputing,reading, writing etc  using Pandas,drawing plots using Matplotlib,Converting Unstructured data into structured data using NLP,various ML Algorithms to train machine and test it for future predictions.
    Now i am looking for real time project to implement all my skills and looking forward communities help in this regard.

    Nidhi Pal

  • 21.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Sat August 11, 2018 03:13 AM

    My name is Arun, and I'm Member of the IBM Community.
    I have been working in IT for almost 15+ year. 
    Love and craze for technology have driven me from a simple DTP operator to Tech Lead (Front End).
    I am very exited in learning, understanding and implementing technologies.
    I am looking forward to enter in Data Science, ML, and AI World with the help of IBM Community.
    Thank You.

    Arun Kamble

  • 22.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Tue September 11, 2018 11:57 AM
    Hi Everyone,

    My name is Sergio Silvestri, I am from Brazil and I have been working in IT 30+ years. I have Bachelor's degree in Mathematics. I worked 18 years for IBM Brazil and I am working  1+ year for IBM Czech Republic.

    I have started self learning Data Science following "Your Learning/Hot Roles" recommended learning and badges. I would like to have a mentor to guide me through the journey.

    • What would make this community amazing for you? I can find people who are on the same path that I am.
    • How do you use IBM products? I used SPSS Modeler during learning activities. I am looking to apply them in the real world.
    • What are you passionate about, other than work? I like to read and go out with my family and friends to drink beer.
    • What's your favorite Data Science joke? As a newcomer in this world, I hope to learn some jokes.

    Sergio Silvestri

  • 23.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Thu October 04, 2018 04:55 PM
    Edited by Erika Anderson Thu October 04, 2018 04:55 PM
    Hello, all: My name is Erika Anderson and I am a Technical Consultant at a SaaS company in the growth phase following the startup phase. As a Technical Consultant (within implementation soon to be moving to IT), I act as a translator between dev folks and the rest of the world. :) 

    Just as many of you have found, telling stories with data is exciting! The unknown is just as interesting as the discovered. Within this space, there is variety and always room to grow . My background is as follows: Fine Arts major -> changed to accounting  -> Payroll -> Implementation Specialist/Team Lead-> Accounting Systems Specialist -> Technical Consultant. There was also a year of teaching high school math, which although did not pay the bills, I am very happy it happened and renewed my love of math. 

    I will end the introduction with a favorite quote from W. Edward Deming: "In God we Trust. Everyone else must bring data."

    Thank you for having me and I look forward to getting to know everyone! 


    Erika Anderson
    ZeroChaos | Technical Consultant
    Jacksonville, FL

  • 24.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Thu October 04, 2018 05:14 PM
    Great intro! Nice to meet you, @Erika Anderson. I guess Jacksonville isn't really considered south, but our one and only Local User Group for Data Science just started up last month, led by @Vladimir Lialine for the South Florida region. As they get up and running there may be some cool opportunities to connect. ​​​

    Cheers and welcome to the community!

    Christina Howell

  • 25.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Thu October 04, 2018 10:15 PM
    Hello everyone,

    My name is Juan Lessey and I'm an Architect and Designer from Venezuela.  In general, I'm interested in all aspects and scales of design: architectural design, industrial and graphic design. As a side activity, I like visual art and digital manipulation of images to produce interesting results.

    A couple of years ago I started to learn programming, from the very basic foundations to a bit more elaborated programs and that's when I learned about Python, Web development, Algorithms, processing Databases and Accessing Web Data using APIs. My goal is to keep developing those skills and that's the point of interest in pursuing a career in Data Science. Specifics subjects of interest are Algorithmic Art, Deep learning for image recognition and the ways Data Science could be related to Digital Visual Arts. 

    Other than work, I'm passionate about music, photography and outdoors adventures.

    What I like about this community so far is the diversity of backgrounds. The different perspectives that could come out around solving problems or others subjects are very valuable.

    Juan Lessey

  • 26.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Sat October 06, 2018 05:57 AM
    Edited by Lahcene Ouled Moussa Sat October 06, 2018 05:59 AM
    Good Morning
    This is Lahcene from Algeria iam student and ihave got badge withe ibm in data science this mounth iam so happy to introduce my self to meet developer in this field and make search in the future withe IBM in this my purpose it's great to know  everyone here to change some idea  among scientist

    Best Wishe,

    Lahcene Ouled Moussa

  • 27.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Thu October 25, 2018 10:54 AM
    Hi Everyone,
    I am a IBM Global Elite Client, Experience Manager for Analytics which, of course, includes Data Science.
     I am not a Data Scientist myself but cause of my job role I am interested in Data Science existing and upcoming projects as well as what topics in general are being discussed in this group.

    Besides work, I like jogging with my dog, reading (all kinds of stuff), Yoga and being politically active.

    Jutta Riecks
    IBM Client Experience Manger Global Elite
    IBM Deutschland GmbH
    Frankfut am Main
    +49 7034 2742 439

  • 28.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Fri October 26, 2018 08:06 AM
    Hi Community.
    My name is Jonas Carvalho, I am 23 years old guy from Brazil. I am also a Production Engineering student who loves Sci-Fi books.
    By the way, isn't "Fundation Series" from Isaac Asimov the greatest novel of all times? What about "Planet of the Apes" from Pierre Boulle? Isn't that sooo good?! I can't forget to mention Ted Chiang and Lovecraft  as one of my best readings too.

    Neverthless I like wheat beer and coding Python as well. By doing so, I am totally devoted to Data Science.
    I've started on IBM SPSS Statistics on college, then I moved to PowerBI and now as a IBM intern I am taking a chance on IBM Watson Studio.

    It was a great opportunity to meet you all

    Jonas Carvalho
    IGF LA Finance & Planning - LA Volumes Student
    IBM Global Financing - Brazil


  • 29.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Wed October 31, 2018 06:46 PM
    Hi there. My name is Mark and I live in Southern California. I love learning a lot; it's a sort of an obsession. I work for an IBM business partner in presales. My job is to know enough, technically, about IBM's software solutions in order to help qualify, progress, and close opportunities. I love demos and any excuse to write some code.

    To answer the questions:

    What would make this amazing?
    I would love to know more about what people are doing with data science; projects and use cases. I can think of a ton of use cases but I'm curious to know what others are seeing and doing IRL!

    How do I use IBM products?
    I'm primarily a presales person so the IBM products don't get too much use on my end. I use Eclipse but lately spend more time in Jupyter notebooks in Anaconda. I gave a demo yesterday of the console for IBM Cloud.

    Outside of work
    I'm an avid photog, nothing serious but just having fun taking great photos. Love to travel the world. I'll pretty much go anywhere. I'm also a bonafide italophile.

    Great question. I'm passionate about the environment and animal welfare.

    I'll mangle this but goes something like...
    3 relational DBs walked into a NoSQL bar. They walked out because they couldn't find any tables.

    Mark Buensalido

  • 30.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Mon November 05, 2018 01:21 PM

    Hello!  I'm Sara Amuso, a client reference manager for IBM Analytics, Data Science.  I'm interested in hearing from clients about their experience with IBM and from Sales to suggest customers who can tell their story...

    Please reach out if you have anyone who is happy with IBM, has transformational or quantifiable benefits as a result of their experience with IBM.  We write up their stories, video tape them, and even just get a quote or ghost write a blog for them!  



    Sara Amuso

  • 31.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Mon November 05, 2018 01:43 PM

    For rapid prototyping:

    Microsoft Azure + Google BigQuery for near real time pipelines & ground algos working demonstration. (Automatic data distribution visualizations/graphs + simultaneous neural networks training with different hyper-parameters for comparison)


  • 32.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted Thu February 07, 2019 03:19 AM
    Edited by NITESH TANTRAVAHI Fri February 08, 2019 07:51 PM

    Hi All, 

    My name is Nitesh Tantravahi and I have been with IBM for almost 4years now. I started off at IBM after my Master's in Software Engineering from Drexel University, Philadelphia. I joined as a Cloud Delivery Specialist -> Cloud Developer -> Cloud SME and now a Full Stack Developer at IBM Silicon Valley Labs. I am also IBM certified Data Science Professional.  

    • What would make this community amazing for you? This community is already amazing with everyone enthusiastic and in love with data science. I would do my best to learn, share and contribute as much as I can.
    • I use a lot and some prominent ones are IBM Watson, Watson Analytics, Cognos Analytics, Planning Analytics, DSX, IBM SPSS Modeler, IBM Cloud, ICP4Data etc.
    • What are you passionate about, other than work? Other than work I am passionate about Photography, Digital Art, and a lot of sports and gaming.
    • My favorite Data Science joke?
      Here it is 

    Looking forward to meeting some amazing people!!! 

    Nitesh Tantravahi

  • 33.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 6 days ago
    I am not sure how I am supposed to add a post here but I am replying to the original post, I hope that is good enough.

    I first began learning programming in High School in about 1970. I learned Fortran using an IBM 1620 at a community college. After that I was able to drive to the IBM datacenter on Wilshire Boulevard to learn COBOL. Then I joined the Army and was a programmer in the Army for 4 years.

    I was at Guide (or Share?) the day IBM announced SAA. I was excited about OS/2. It is a shame that it was discontinued.

    I developed health problems in the 1980s that interfered with my career. After thousands of people got laid off from Lockheed in 1990 when they moved out of Burbank I have been using mostly Microsoft technology.

    Yesterday I saw that I can install IBM DB2 Express-C for free so I did. At least I tried to. I was frustrated and disappointed several times; the instructions are minimal or none and there are errors, not just for DB2 but also Data Studio and such. I managed to stumble through installing the Installation Manager, DB2, the Data Studio and the GSDB sample database. And now in the Data Studio I cannot connect to the sample DB. It is listed but it does not connect. I tried searching for help with that and I did not find answer; I did not search as thoroughly as I could. Can I ask for help with that? Where can I do that?

    There are so many links in IBM pages, it is surprising. When I joined here there is a page saying we should introduce ourselves and there is a link for a cheat sheet. That link goes to a page that does not exist.

    Sam Hobbs

  • 34.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hello Ena,
    Thank for your disposition to help us.
    My name is Francky Ntyam, I am new in data science field. I would like to learn more about it.

    Ntyam Adjomo Francky Ludovic

  • 35.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 5 days ago
    Hello everyone! 

    My name is Bilwa. I am currently undergraduate student pursuing Electronics and Communication with specialisation in IoT and sensors engineering at Vellore Institute of Technology (Tamil Nadu, India). Had taken up the course regarding introduction to data analytics which led me here. I just started learning Python required for data science and I am also gaining lots of interest in it.

    Looking forward to learn a lot more from you all!

    Bilwa Gaonker

  • 36.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 2 days ago
    Hi Everyone!

    Iam Adinath , Currently pursuing my 3rd year Undergraduation in Computer Science and Engineering at MES College of Engineering , Kerala.
    Opted my Undergraduation in CSE because iam more passionate to know about the coding area behind the products we see in our daily life , and i was also influenced by cloud computing , AI , ML , Analytics and Data Science etc... 

    Adinath K

  • 37.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 2 days ago
    Ny name is Nazim Raja, currently i am working as INM voLTE engineer in Vodafone Idea limited.

    I am passionate about AI,Deep learning, Machine learning and computer vision.
    i love to create model to change the the world with the power of AI. I love to automate the process.

    Skills : Python, C, C++, XML, Matlab, R.
    Tool : Jupyter, Anaconda, Spider, pycharm, R studio.
    Hard skill : Deep Learning, Machine learning, Data cleaning, Data statistics, Modeling, Data visualization.
    Framework : TensorFlow, Keras, Numpy, Pandas, Matplotlib.

    Area of interest : Artificial intelligence, Deep Learning, Computer vision.

    I have just completed my Post graduation diploma in Artificial intelligence from CDAC order to enhance my knowledge and skills, I am looking forward  for better opportunity.

  • 38.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 2 days ago
    Hey,every one 
    my  name is OUSGUINE sAID , I'm A researcher in computer science
    i'am very interresting about AI,Deep learning, Machine learning , computer vision and image processing, and artifciel intelligence .
    i i learn from IBM course so to have a different basis in data science, machine learning an deep learning

    the language : Python, Java,  Matlab, R.

    Said OUSGUINE 


  • 39.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 2 days ago
    Hi folks,

    My name is Mengjia and I am currently a graduate student in New York. I am relatively new to data science, but I am very interested in machine learning and hope to become a machine learning engineer one day.

    I have used IBM Watson Studio for cloud services, and hope to learn more about what's available. It's always nice to have a community to feel supported in my journey. I am passionate about self-care, beautiful things and blogging. Actually I just started a blog on basic ML stuff. Feel free to take a look at my blog or reach out to me!!!

    Stay safe,

    Mengjia Lyu

    Mengjia Lyu

  • 40.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 2 days ago
    Hi everyone.

    I'm Iteration Manager (scrum master) for a development team. I have many years of experience in both the academic and enterprise worlds. I have a Ph.D. on Mechatronics and I've used IA for Human-Robot interaction. Now I'd like to learn Data science and combine my knowledge to use it in my current work at IBM. I have the mission to incorporate IA and Data Science in our applications.

    I'm a movie buff and I like soccer. I like to enjoy the moments with my family

    Harold Andres Vasquez Chavarria
    Java Developer and Iteration Manager
    Guadalajara JAL

  • 41.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted yesterday

    • What would make this community amazing for you?

    First point of call, collaborative global community. Sort of a coaching community only for data science😊?

    • How do you use IBM products?

    Use IBM products to update skills and apply knowledge learnt to projects in business

    • What are you passionate about, other than work?

    Passionate about coaching – on and off work, particularly using Intuitive Intelligence to leave people and planet better off than before.

    • What's your favorite Data Science joke?

    Just when you think you've got it all figured out, lol, you realise you don't.😊

    Bonus joke: Data is like people – interrogate it hard enough and it will tell you whatever you want to hear😊

    Manj Subiah

  • 42.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted yesterday
    Hi Everyone,
    I'm new here
    My name is Sharm Bahadur, and I'm part of the IBM Community team.
    Thanks all for IBM community team

    Sharm Bahadur
    Promote 4 business

  • 43.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted yesterday
    Hello All,

    My name is Shomi Ahmed. I am an aspiring data scientist. I have completed the IBM Data Science Professional certificate on Coursera and currently pursuing Advanced Data Science Specialization by IBM.

    The thrust to explore the unknown and produce straightforward results has attracted me to be a data scientist. I have successfully completed a M.Sc. in Physics at the University of Manitoba on Oct. 2019. My 3+ years accomplishments demonstrate comprehensive expertise in acquiring, extracting and evaluating sophisticated electromagnetic data, and translating results into understandable terms to make strategic planning and facilitate improved research. I was the most happy person when I got an excellent story out of my Masters research work.
    I have my undergrad background in Electrical and Electronics Engineering and experienced to teach undergrad classes for 3 years.

    I am an adventurous person and like to travel a lot. I have covered almost 90% of Canada and 25% of USA. Beside those, I have also explored China and Thailand.
    Thank you for having me and I look forward to getting to know everyone! 

    Shomi Ahmed
    Winnipeg, MB, CA.

    Shomi Ahmed

  • 44.  RE: Introduce Yourself!

    Posted 8 minutes ago
    Hi Rathish! 

    I 'm Hoang Minh, 34 years old, I'm from Vietnam
    I'm founder at a VN freelance marketplace
    So glad to have you as part of the community!

    Minh Hoang
    Founder & CEO