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Deploy AI, A Thank You Note

By William Roberts posted Fri March 20, 2020 06:08 PM

We want to thank the thousands of you who joined us last week in the IBM Data Science Community for Deploy AI, a Cloud Pak Series event. The Virtual Community Day was a definite success, but would not have been without all of you!

We had 30+ speakers across 3 tracks: AI Infrastructure, Open Source Software, and Models and Operations. We had some of the preeminent industry leaders in Open Source (CEO of Hugging Face, Clement Delangue), IBM experts from IBM Research (IBM Research Director of AI Platforms and Runtimes, Rania Khalaf), and IBM Cloud and Cognitive General Manager Beth Smith.  

Deploy AI was a digital conference we wanted to put on for our Data Science community to help our members master their data science practice across the full predictive pipeline.  Dean Wampler (Head of Developer Relations, AnyScale) motivated attendees to scale their pipelines and reinforcement learning applications with project Ray. Nick Pentreath taught us how to build end-to-end deep learning deployments with ONNX (Open Neural Net Exchange).  Luciano Resende introduced Project Elyra - an open source project to extend functionality in JupyterLab to optimize for AI workflows. 

Other Keynotes and Speakers include: 
The speakers covered essential topics on AI Ethics from a policy and governance perspective. They educated us on novel frameworks, and advised us how to best handle data privacy in federated learning frameworks. The scope of information shared was enormous, and the topics worthy of rewatch in your moments of freedom will keep you busy for 24 hours of programming.

We were glad everyone was able to attend our conference safely away from the dangers of Covid-19, and we expect more events to be transitioned to digital-only presences. IBM's THINK happens to be one of those conferences that is now fully digital, and there is still time to register! With so much distressing news in all of our feeds, we hope Deploy AI and THINK can be the distraction you need. 

Thank you!