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Big Data For The Gaming Industry

By Tim Stone posted Fri January 01, 2021 11:28 AM


Big data represents a big role in online gaming. Generating $40.6 billion in global income last year on mobile devices alone, the electronics art industry is set to boom in the next five years. One of the most important reasons for the increase of online and social gaming is big data. Yes, we’ve been able to get it for a long time now. Still, the capabilities of knowing how to use big data for monetization and optimization are just coming to success.

The big players, like Microsoft, are understanding the value of data collection and acquiring gaming organizations, like Minecraft for $2.5 billion, because they realize the value of big data in the long run and need data-forward firms to help them mine and understand user behaviors.

Additionally, big data businesses see online gaming opportunity and create platforms that cater to the individual market. The smaller developers often don’t have the marketing resources to compete for a more critical piece of the pie, nor do they have budgets for data scientists to make understanding of all the metrics they’re collecting.

Gaming industry appear to experience more rapid growth than any other types of businesses. The unprecedented overnight growth of the gaming industry has become a very lucrative pursuit for numerous entrepreneurs who are searching for high returns on their capital. The major question to this incredible growth is how do they achieve it?

One highly valuable tool that the gaming industry uses to achieve such incredible growth is big data analytics for both fast payment processing and effective marketing. The gaming industry uses it to evaluate the gaming needs of its customers and then provide them with a solution. However, it isn't always that straightforward. It can be blurry at times without all of the dynamics being revealed precisely. So how is big data analytics used by the online gaming industry to grow? It begins with understanding the behaviors of players and how revenue is generated based on their needs. This helps to reshape the industry's future expectations. Read more about this and other gaming news.  

Collating data online

One thing that players readily provide is data, starting with their very first visit, to registering to withdraw their winnings based on the payment methods selected by the player. It isn't necessary for secret hackers to sit in a dark room to closely monitor your online activities. That is just sheer fantasy that has no basis in reality. 

The gaming industry is regulated by the government. Therefore, they legitimately collect internet trails and track records using these sources of information that are already available This data is collected by gaming companies in the same way that it is collected by all other types of online businesses. They monitor online activity and track your online history. 

As soon as you register with an online gaming company you provide them with additional data points. This helps them profile players for a specific service or website. Critical personal information like gender, age, and location are useful tools that help businesses provide targeted marketing and services - which is one of the major drivers behind the incredible growth of the gaming industry. 

How does the gaming industry use big data?

The viable justification that is used to collect this data is for repurpose marketing campaigns and to target these campaigns to the right customers. Data helps to determine which games are popular and which ones are dying out. Having this invaluable data provides gambling and gaming companies with important clues about which games need more exposure and marketing than others. The following are some of the most focused uses of data analysis:  

Create Personalized Gaming Experiences 

In addition to creating focused marketing campaigns, one of the major uses for data analysis is creating gaming experiences that appear to be personalized to each gamer. This is critical since the gambling industry knows that the loyalty of its customers is dependent solely on the personal gaming experience. Big data analytic is used to confirm which of their promotions and bonuses grab the customers' attention. It can also help to accurately assess the graphics that hypnotize customers and the games that hold the most attention. 

Improved Payment and Gaming Experience

The major players of the gambling industry want to achieve the best results by providing a personalized gaming experience for its gamers. They use big data analytics for creating interesting gaming designs and to provide consumers with better odds.

Since financial backing is needed to create custom gaming experiences for all gamers, not all online gaming companies are able to pull it off. Along with offering a generous selecting of games, players also need to be provided with plenty of options for making financial transactions. Ultimately, gamers come in order to win and cash out their money. Those companies that do get things right get the attention of most consumers with big data being a great tool that helps them achieve this.  

Big data analytics can also be used by players 

Numerous companies that use enhanced technology and data analytics focus on consumers and work to make all players believe that gambling is great and the worst thing in the world is to miss out. The gaming industry understands this very well. An effective way to gain more customers is to add more competition, give better odds, and offer bigger jackpots. 

Players are naturally drawn towards gaming websites that offer better odds. Data analytics is also used by experienced players and is especially widespread among poker players One readily available website for obtaining worldwide poker game statistics and use it to get great deals and improve your odds is PokerTracker.

Final Thoughts

So there you go! These are the best ways for gaming businesses to leverage big data analytics. Or if you happen to be a gamer, now you know why all of your favorite games continue to pop up to draw you in.

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Sun January 03, 2021 02:21 AM

I’ve devoted my life to understanding data for the purpose of leading people to truth and knowledge, and you do it for the purpose of making money off of people’s weaknesses and gullibility, and then brag about it here?!? Shame on you....