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Data Science Contests : Using kaggle to build skills

By Susan Malaika posted Tue August 18, 2020 07:47 AM


The emerging and established data science community is growing in IBM world-wide. Data scientists and developers are enhancing their skills through participating in data science contests like kaggle. Some are publishing their notebooks and blogs describing what they have learned - on kaggle, medium etc. We've noticed that using AutoAI as a first step in contests is popular. 

Some of the Contests Community Member
  Some of the Contests Community Members

The following are just some of the publications and activities from the IBM community. The Titanic dataset items are focused on beginners.

Using the Titanic Dataset

Other Datasets

Dataset creation and curation is another emerging and related activity, which we anticipate will increase - for example

Some colleagues are acting as mentors and coaches to help others develop skills - with great thanks to them including :

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